Friday, January 25, 2008

Rough Night With the Patient...

Well, we had quite the night last night. First I thought I would try to leave the e-collar off since Charlie hated it so much but around 12:30 I woke up to hear him licking so I had to put the darn thing back on. Then around 2:30 a.m. I woke up to the sound of wretching and he threw up what little he had for dinner. Then while we were all awake he decided he had to go outside to potty too! When he came back in he was shaking so badly I had to wrap him up in a blanket and it took another 1/2 hour before he stopped. Did I mention it was like 9 degrees last night? Then around 4:30a.m. there was more throwing up. Finally we went back to bed until around 7:00. He was finally able to keep some breakfast down and then a little lunch too. I also decided I should probably stop the pain medication and sedative if he was doing ok and he slept most of the day and seemed to be ok without both. I wasn't sure if maybe that was the cause of him feeling so poorly. So, that's the latest on the patient. I'm sure every day will get better and hopefully tonight we will both sleep a little better! I'm just glad I decided to take the day off work as I had to take a couple naps myself today!

Here he is, looking a little steadier on his feet than last night!

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