Monday, March 30, 2009

Guess Who's Having a Birthday Today???

IT'S ZOE!! She's 5 years old today.

Time flies. Since she had to spend most of her special day at home with only Charlie for company, I decided to take them up to the high school when I got home from work for some frisbee. Her favorite thing on her big day.

At first the field just seemed a little wet, thanks to the 2-3 inches of snow we got yesterday. But as we played on it soon became apparent that it was a lot wet! This was how they looked when we were ready to leave.

Thankfully they were just a little muddy, nothing a towel couldn't take care of. Not too big a price to pay for Zoe to enjoy her 5th birthday.

Charlie was the best jumper today, at least the best I got pictures of. It's hard to throw the frisbee, get the camera up and find them in time to get the picture. I'm sure I missed a few shots. The proof of that was all the pictures I took of just grass.

At least I got a couple good ones.

Happy Birthday Zoe!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon!!

I was talking to Amber earlier today and she was asking me if we had gotten any snow yet. She was telling me that her friend (Nic) said they had 2-3 inches overnight on the other side of the state. I said no, thankfully, just rain. Although we did have a thunderstorm during the night but the only reason I knew that was because Charlie was shaking up a storm and had to lay up against me. I felt like I was in a vibrating bed! That went on for about an hour, long after the thunder had stopped. So about an hour ago our rain finally turned over to snow and we are getting quite a coating.

I don't think much is predicted but you just hate to see it once Spring has sprung. I'm starting to see a few tulips and other bulbs peeking out of the soil now and they don't like the snow.

The best part is that it probably won't stick around as I think it's supposed to be about 50 tomorrow. That should take care of the snow.

Friday night was bowling again. We bowled against good friends of ours and we always seem to bring out the best in them. We were still ahead by 1 point in the league. We won the first game and then the second and had 83 more points. They got us the last game but only by 11 so I didn't feel too bad as we still took 3 points. The second place team took 3 also so we are still one up on them. We don't bowl for another month now as we are taking Good Friday off. The next bowling will be position night and we will bowl the second place team. Guess we better get down to the bowling alley and practice in the next 4 weeks!!

Not much else was going on this weekend. Yesterday we hung around the house and ran out here and there doing errands. I walked the pups up to the high school field and let them run a bit. They were so happy to get out.

Today we weren't able to get outside because of the rain so instead I took them for a little drive in the car. Fun, but not the same.

Tomorrow is a record day; we have work but no kids. Then Tuesday and Thursday from 4-7 we have conferences. Wednesday night I have Bunco! It's going to be a busy week. This is the last week before Spring Break! I am SO counting down!!

This is what the trees looked like after our inch of snow.

And we all know that no blog entry would be complete without pictures of you-know-who!!

Have a good week!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Weekend of Spring

It was the first full weekend of Spring here in Michigan and it wasn't all bad. We had a mix of cloudy and sunshine and while it wasn't real warm it wasn't too cold either. Here's what the pups thought of the weekend!

They were jumping all over the place!!

While Charlie enjoys the vertical jump...

Zoe seems to enjoy the horizontal more. Sometimes she's just straight up like a big hop!

Charlie is becoming much more proficient and gives Zoe a run for it most of the time. Even if she gets it initially he manages to grab it from her eventually.

The ice on the pond is almost melted. It looks so tranquil.

We were busy this weekend but just with errands and doing things around the house. I baked cookies for both the pups and Howard and Scott. Different cookies. The pups got Cheesy Garlic Whole Wheat Cookies and Howard got Oatmeal Raisin. I also baked a loaf of bread yesterday. My "to do" list is long and I only crossed off about half of the things on there.

But could you refuse these faces? All they want to do is go outside and RUN! I can't refuse them. Plus it makes my life easier since they aren't so hyper for the rest of the day. They are both sound asleep as I write this!

Zoe loves her frisbee.

We had a nice sunset tonight. It went down fast. By the time I came in to grab the camera it was almost gone. Another weekend over so soon. I'm counting down to Spring Break. I really could use a break!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday TY!!

Tyler is 24 today and spending another birthday away from home. I guess he's getting used to it now and I'm sure his buddies and other friends will help him celebrate in style.

He'll probably have lots more fun than we used to here at home with just a homemade cake, dinner at home and a few presents. Those were the good old days, at least for us!

I miss those days and I miss you too Ty. Happy Birthday!! xo

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gorgeous Spring-like Weekend...

And Spring is still a week away!! It was absolutely beautiful this weekend. It was a little cool but today was nice enough to take my sweatshirt off when I walked! I just wish it could stay this way but if you live or have ever lived in Michigan you know it won't last. It will get really cold a few more times. It will probably snow though the really heavy, long lasting stuff is probably over. It will be rainy and gray. But still, these weekends are a gift!!

Friday night we had bowling. We were in first place by 4 points. Sadly, we lost 2 games and totals and only took one point. We are now in first place by that one point. :-( I guess we all knew it might not last but we are still hoping we can keep it up. However, the next time we bowl a really tough team and they really enjoy beating us.

Saturday I took the pups up to the high school for a nice game of frisbee. They were so happy to get out after being cooped up all week long.

Today I took them for a walk up to the high school so I could get some exercise too. Sometime during the walk Charlie must have bit his tongue because he was bleeding all over himself and his tongue was bright red. Luckily it didn't last long and when we walked home it had pretty much stopped bleeding.

Here's how relaxed they were after we got home. It was a beautiful afternoon to be out on he deck.

Here's how Howard spent his day today, putting together our new media cabinet that matches the TV stand. It's nice to have a smaller matching unit. Plus he hooked up the TV to the stereo so we can have "surround sound" if we choose. Last night we watched the movie Australia and even without the "surround sound", Charlie was running for cover, shaking and panting, when they had a thunderstorm during the movie. I never noticed how many times there is a thunderstorm during a movie until Charlie and Zoe became afraid of storms.

I am seeing a few subtle signs of spring. The Muskrat is back as are the ducks. I have heard the Robins but haven't actually seen one yet. A couple brave chipmunks have ventured out of their holes too.

I knew the pansies were probably in at the local nursery so I couldn't resist getting a couple packs of those. It helps bridge the gap between the first sign of Spring and really being able to plant something without fear of it freezing which won't be until May sometime.

Howard has the Mustang off the jack stands and has been driving it all weekend. He even drove it to work on Friday. It's still too cold to have the top down but he's enjoying driving it anyway.

These little previews of Spring are going to leave us hoping for more. These next two months are gonna drag!!

Look at this face!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain

Wow, what a wet weekend we had here in Michigan! It rained pretty much non-stop from Saturday morning until Sunday night. I was really hoping to get the pups out for a walk or to the park but it was way too soggy! I am starting to see a few subtle signs of Spring though it is still almost 2 weeks away. This morning when I looked out the window I saw these guys!

Usually the first sign of Spring's return is the Robin but I haven't seen any of those yet. I did see this guy though. I put up this suet feeder a couple weeks ago and Woodpeckers seem to be the best customer.

These beautiful little Goldfinches never leave Michigan for the winter. Soon they will be breaking out their prettiest yellow feathers instead of this dull brown.

One exciting thing we did do this weekend was make our contribution to stimulate the economy thanks to a little tax refund. Here's what we started out with...

and here's what we ended up with! It's quite a difference and even though we were concerned at first that the TV might be too big for the room, it has worked out fine.

We didn't get a chance to watch it last night as some friends invited us over to play Euchre for the evening. We brought a dish to pass and had a nice time since there was no money or name calling involved!

Tomorrow it's back to work again. The weatherman is predicting cooler temps and even some snow at the end of the week, though not too much.

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Really Cold But At Least It's Sunny...

And most of the snow is gone. The snow on the ground is gone but there are still piles everywhere where it was stacked up after each snowfall.

Friday night we had bowling. When we got there we discovered we were in first place, all by ourselves. Only by one point but still, we were in first. One of our partner's wasn't there because he had to work so it was just H, Judy and me. We had to give the other team 116 pins! And yet, miraculously, we won all 4 points. The second game I bowled a 202 and won Ladies High Game and $28! I think that's only the second time I've ever won it. The third game Judy bowled a 209! We were smokin'!!! Howard has been bowling really well lately but Friday night he was struggling a bit. We still managed to win all 3 games and take totals. I hate to say it but I have no idea what the other team, who was right behind us, did. Even if they took 4 too we should still be in first place by that one point! Wooohoooo! I wish it could last and we could take home that fabulous trophy but it probably won't happen. I'm going to try to stay positive though. We only have 4 more bowling nights left.

Saturday was sunny but really cold. I thought I was being smart and decided to take the pups up to the high school field as they really wanted to go out and run!

Everything was just great until I noticed that these brown icicles were hanging from their fur on their legs!! When we got home I tried to brush and pick it off but it wasn't budging so the only thing left was to put them in the tub. Howard held Charlie while I took Zoe up and put her in the big tub of water which instantly turned brown! I quickly got her icicles off and called for Charlie. What a mess! There were little brown frozen mud balls all the way from the back door, through the hallway, up the stairs and into the bathroom!! Once they dried off I decided to try to take them each for a walk. I took them separately since I figured that would be easier and it was. It felt good to get out and walk them even though it was freezing!!

Today I took them back to the high school field but the ground was frozen today so we didn't have the mess of yesterday.

The temp was 19 degrees and it was windy so you know it was even colder. Thankfully I bought a new coat this winter and it has come in handy during the coldest winter I can remember!

So, the weekends over. Time to go back to work. Have a good week!