Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Project Completed...

Check out this beauty!! Howard worked hard all weekend and we finally have light in the bathroom again!! He stained the wood and cut it to fit perfectly around the mirror and above the new counter top. It looks so nice now! These pictures don't really do it justice but we tried.

The patient, a/k/a Charlie, is feeling much better and without sedation he is back to his wild man ways! It's hard to keep him down and quiet. He makes a visit to the vet tomorrow after work to make sure everything is healing well. I'm not an expert but it looks pretty good so far.

Zoe got to go for a walk today without her little brother tagging along. I think she enjoyed the extra attention and the absence of someone biting at her face all the time!

Not much else new around here. It's winter, cold and white right now. No sunshine today though we did see a bit Friday and Saturday. These are the dark days of winter and spring is a long way away! Sadly there will be no trip to San Diego this year as Howard has too much work to do. Bummer. Some of you may have noticed a new countdown on my blog. We are planning an alternative Christmas this year with a trip to Hawaii, if all goes as planned and everyone manages to save enough money! That's a long way away too, though we are all researching so we can make our lists of what we want to do while we are there. It's good to dream!
Have a great week!!

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