Sunday, September 8, 2013

Time to Update...

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I've posted! I've been busy and not home too much. I know everyone is busy so that's not a great excuse but I've been away from my desk top computer and ability to download pictures and what's a post without pictures? And finally my two loyal readers, anonymous 1 & 2 have been asking for updates though they already know everything that has happened these past almost two months!
The first thing I did was go up north to Traverse City with my Bunco girls, or most of them anyway. We had an enjoyable weekend of talking, laughing, eating, shopping and enjoying being together.
The golf club Pam (our hostess) belongs to was hosting a Motown night and apparently our presense was requested. We had a fun night of singing and dancing with the better dancers trying to teach me some line dancing. My brain struggles with that stuff but I kept trying until I was almost doing it!
It was a great weekend spent with really good friends.
I returned home Sunday evening, spent Monday doing laundry and packing and Tuesday I was on my way to the airport to get ready to meet my new granddaughter!
Here's the happy family the morning before the big day!
I had just enough time to help put a few things away (they had just moved in to this new place the week before) and organize a few closets and learn where everything was and it was time to go to the hospital! Amber & Andy left in the morning, called us throughout the day and then Quinn and I went to visit in the afternoon.
Berit Anne Porter entered the world on July 25, 2013 at 1:19 p.m. I think we were visiting around 3:00. Quinn was a little in awe of her new sister.
Just a few days later (Sunday) they were home from the hospital and the real fun began!
Thankfully Berit is a very content baby, sleeps a lot and is easy to please. She had a little bit of an issue with weight and jaundice the first few days but once her feeding was adjusted and some formula added she put on the weight quickly and the jaundice went away.
The next weekend Grandpa came for a few days to meet his new granddaughter. He also hung a few pictures and helped Andy with a couple "honey-do" projects.
Another week went by and then it was time for me to go home too so that others could visit the happy little family too. They weren't really on their own for almost the first month!
Sisterly love!
So sweet!
Berit is a little more than a month old now and doing great. She sleeps a lot and seems like a pretty easy baby overall. I can't wait to visit her again soon!
After my visit to Virginia I was home for about 10 days finishing up my summer project list and getting ready for our 10 day visit to Florida. I also had to go to school and get my room ready and attend a day and a half training for our new ESL program that is going into effect this year, including screening, testing and cirriculum!
Our first stop on the trip was my aunt and uncle's house in Tennessee. We spent a couple nights there but really only one day and that day we spent around their house and then were able to go out on their boat in the afternoon. We always enjoy this beautiful lake and relaxing visit!
All too soon our time was up and it was time to get on the road again to Florida.
We arrived in Florida on Saturday and as soon as we unloaded our suitcases and groceries we headed down the beach to visit H's brother, Bo and his family who were staying in a large resort down the beach. We hung out on the beach and then went to dinner with them and went back the next morning to meet them and also H's sister, Sharon. We stayed until late Sunday afternoon when they all had to leave to get back home for school and work the next day.
The rest of the week were spent relaxing at Camelot. Our friend Mike stayed at Camelot too and his family came over to visit so we had lots of little ones around. We spent our days at the pool, evenings on the beach and really had lots of time to relax.
We had a two day drive home and they were long days. We were very happy to be home again. We had one day's rest (Labor Day) and then it was back to work for H and I started school. The week was a blur, so busy, but things went well.
A few other things happened while I (we) were gone. While I was in Virginia Tyler called one night to say that Zoe or Charlie or both had gotten into rat/mouse poison and he was in a panic! He rushed them to the emergency vet where they were both made to vomit and it was determined that it was mostly Zoe who had eaten the poison. She went through a 10 days treatment of Vitamin K, no activity and much worry on my part. Her latest tests showed that things were ok but she seems to be having other troubles now, namely a bit of incontenance. She's on an antibiotic right now and hourly visits outside to go potty. We'll see how things go and she may possibly have to go back to the vet again. Then this past week Charlie woke me up in the middle of the night and asked to go outside. The next day Tyler called me at work to report that he was vomiting and had diarrea and was making a mess all over the house. I brought home some Pepcid and Imodium at lunch time and we made an appt with the vet for later that afternoon. The vet determined that he had some kind of a bug that he possibly picked up while eating something he shouldn't have but of course no one saw him eat anything. He's also been on antibiotics for the last few days and seems to finally be getting back to normal. He's on a restricted diet of just rice and a little beef or chicken. Finally today he seems to be feeling a little better. Man, dogs are worse than kids!! We've spent days and days cleaning the carpet and I'm so glad we have that little "green machine"!
In other news, Quinn starts back to preschool tomorrow. I know she must be so excited! She hasn't attended a school program since last April and she loves learning so I'm sure it will be wonderful for her.
Tyler still hasn't been able to find a job in his field but did work at school with me on Friday. He is on the list to sub for para-edeucators and aides and already has two jobs for this coming week. It's not perfect but it's something and maybe it will lead to something more permanent.
Scott turned 25 yesterday but sadly this wasn't one of his happier birthdays, I'm sure. He came home on Wednesday and announced that he had been let go from work. They had let go 10 people and he was one of them. He didn't even see it coming and in fact the night before was talking to H about asking for a raise on his one year anniversary which was coming up. He seems to be keeping a positive attitude and he actually has an interview tomorrow morning and a phone interview in the afternoon. He only got two weeks severance but can file for unemployment insurance which he plans to do and in case he doesn't find something quickly we are able to add him back to our insurance until he is 26.
So that's the last two months in a nut shell! See Anon 1 & 2, you guys already knew this stuff!!
Have a good week!