Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Patient Survived The Surgery...

And he's recuperating quietly (for now) at home, with the help of pain pills and tranquilizers!! It's not bad enough they cut off his private parts and then repair his little bubble of a herniated belly button, then they put this dumb E (for Elizabethan) collar on him which just adds to the pain and humiliation.

Zoe had to come over and check things out and show her sympathy. She's having a hard time understanding why he's not chasing her and trying to eat her food and takes things away from her. She doesn't really get that he's having enough trouble just trying to stay upright and walk!

I took the collar off for a while so the poor dog can eat and sleep comfortably. It's just so pitiful watching him walk into walls and scoop up snow outside with this darn thing on. I guess he'll just have to live with a couple days of humiliation and being uncomfortable because I sure don't want him trying to get at the stitches or getting things infected with his licking!
Before we know it he'll be back to his old tricks again, chasing Zoe around the house, getting into things and running up and down the stairs!

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