Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm Still Alive...

It's been a while and we've been so busy lately. I don't even feel that I've taken that many pictures other than on my phone. I had to force myself to go out today and take some using the camera. First, Tyler came home about 3 weeks ago! It was so nice to see him after two years! He seemed so glad to be back in America and back to things that he's missed.
That first weekend he was home we headed over to the other side of the state because Amber and Andy and Quinn were over there for a wedding. We figured it would be a nice opportunity to spent a couple days together. This was the first time Quinn would really have too much to do with Tyler. She was very shy. This was just before we left to come back home.
It was nice to spend a couple days together.
The next weekend was Mother's Day. My three guys gave me one of the best gifts they could ever give, their time! All three of them came out to the garden with me to spent time building the permanent deer fence. With their help I was able to get 12 hours out of my 18 done which was huge!
Then the next day we had a nice cook out and Howard set things up for a nice photo on the deck! So nice!
This weekend we really kicked things into high gear in the yard, getting things planted and spruced up. Hopefully we are finished! I'm beat and so is H! This is one of the window boxes on the deck; salvia, impatiens and lantana.
My peonies in the backyard are doing wonderful this year. I brought some in and they smell fabulous!
Another little planter made from leftovers.
This is my little herb garden. I have basil, cilantro, parsley and oregano.
The backyard flower bed. I planted impatiens this year and hopefully the squirrels won't dig them up!
The pond. Things are so green and lush you can hardly see the water!
One of my roses in the front yard.
Porch pot.
Street side flower bed. H planted this one and it looks great. Sadly some idiot ran their car through it a couple weeks ago and destroyed my tulips.
Porch lettuce. H doesn't think we'll be able to eat all this. I guess I'm gonna have to make lots of salad in the near future!
This week one of my former students was in town and we had dinner together. I've known this little girl since she was in kindergarten and now she's married and has a little girl of her own! It was wonderful to spend a little time with her and her little family.
Yesterday a 10 year old boy that attends my school finally lost his battle with brain cancer. It's been a very sad and yet uplifting time. The community and especially school families have really rallied around him and his family and raised money and awareness for his cause. Today I was asked to come in to school and try to reach the parents of the 4th graders so they could break the news to the kids before they come back to school on Tuesday. Those calls were tough. It's going to be a tough week when we go back to school on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are the viewing and then Friday is the funeral. Our school is going to be closed down on Friday so that the staff can all attend the funeral. After the funeral there will be a pot luck dinner at the school. I just want to get through the week and try to keep thinking about all I have to be thankful for in my life.
Only one more week of school after that! I am so ready!! We want to make a trip over to Virginia to see Amber, Andy and Quinn's new house! I'm hoping the whole family can go and I will have all my kids together under one roof, at least for a couple days! Who knows when that will happen again?? Have a good week (or two or three)!