Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Has Sprung..... Officially

But Spring has not sprung here in this part of the country. It's still quite cold out and there's still quite a bit of the white stuff still on the ground. It takes a while to melt 90 inches of SNOW!!
Since I last wrote we have had many more snow days. In fact, we are up to 10 now. The word on the street is that we will be going to school two days longer, so into the next week, and the half days we were supposed to have will now be full days. I think we are still waiting on the State to make it official but it's not good. I get that we need to have so many days of school but trust me when I say, after Memorial Day both the students and teachers are DONE and all that's happening is they are preparing for summer. Thankfully I don't have plans yet for that first week out of school but many families do so we'll see what happens.
I have started walking outside again, when possible. The snow/ice has melted off the street and if it's above 30 and not windy I try to walk outside when I can. Yesterday I actually took Zoe with me for the 3 mile loop. She was so happy to get out and see the world again. I really should have taken Charlie but he's so bad on walks, especially if we meet other dogs, it's a hard thing to even think about. Some day soon, promise Charlie.
My cleanse lasted about 6 weeks. I hung in there but I really got tired of drinking that sweet juice after a while. I'm still eating mostly vegatables and organic when I can but I did have a couple pieces of pizza the other night while we were out celebrating Tyler's birthday. I haven't lost any weight but hopefully my organs are all clean and working well. I am only taking 1 medication right now so that's good too.
Speaking of Tyler and his birthday, he turned 29 on Friday. He's still trying to get a better job and recently a friend arranged a meeting with the head of the parks system here and we are hopeful something will come of that meeting. He really needs something else and something that he will be able to work through the summer.
Also since I last wrote, I was able to make a short trip to visit AAQ&B. I took a Friday off and already had Monday and Tuesday so it made for a nice long weekend.
It was pretty chilly while I was there so we didn't get outside too much but we still had fun. Quinn tried ice skating for the first time.
She was very determined. It's nice that the ice rink is right across the street from them so they can get there easily, it's just not cheap since you have to pay for the ice time and also rent skates.
While Amber and Quinn were skating around, Berit and I spent some quality time together.
Not much else is happening around here really. Last weekend we were all invited to a wedding. Our bowling partners, Bill and Judy, hosted their daughter's wedding' We have known the bride since she was a little girl and all the kids grew up together so we all had lots of fun.
Tyler brought Jessica
Scott brought Emily
I've been seeing lots of wild life around the yard lately. I kept seeing just one little deer across the pond. I felt so sorry for her that she was all alone. And would you look at how deep that snow is???
One evening she came right up to the house. She saw me looking at her out the window but didn't sem to care. On another day I did see her with a friend but only the one time.
I've also seen a hawk
an opposum (kinda creepy)
the ducks are back
and bunnies eating with birds
It's a regular wildlife refuge out there!!
I guess that's it for the updates. We are all just really waiting for spring to actually arrive. Real spring temperatures, no snow, birds, green grass, flowers growing, trees budding, and all that spring-type stuff. In the meantime we are also patiently waiting for our little sweeties to pay another visit.
These were Berit's 7 month pics. She's getting so big! She will be 8 months old in a couple days.
At least it's Spring somewhere! At least it was on this day! Happy Spring!!