Sunday, January 13, 2008

I want a President who will...

I want a president who will make a 3-day weekend the law of the land. Two days just don't seem to be enough to get everything done and have a little R&R too!!
This is how Howard spent Saturday. Our new countertop/sinks arrived so Friday night he picked them up at Lowe's and spent Saturday installing them.

He had plenty of supervision!

They really look great! Next he will work on the light fixtures and trim around the mirror.
Zoe went to see the groomer on Saturday and now she looks so pretty! I was hoping to give Charlie a bath but that was one of those things I ran out of time for.

This is Tyler's last weekend in Michigan as he leaves for Hawaii on Thursday. He has a few days until his semester begins again and then he will be very busy as he's taking 3 biology classes and they all have labs, plus one or two other classes, can't remember. He will be very busy this next semester! He says he enjoyed his stay but the gray weather is depressing. We all agree. Today he and I took the dogs to the high school field for a nice long frisbee session. They will sleep good tonight!!
It's back to work and school tomorrow. Charlie "graduates" from puppy class on Tuesday. I was supposed to try to teach him a "trick" to show off during graduation but we never quite got around to that. I don't think he'll pass his down-stay part of the class either but this class was really just a chance to get together with other dogs and socialize and he is finally doing that. He's been quite shy around other people and dogs but came out of his shell a little last week. Last week on a walk poor little Charlie was attacked by a neighborhood dog. The dog was getting out of a car with it's owner and just charged right towards us. It took a bite out of Charlie's backside but thankfully only ended up with a mouthful of hair. It was a very traumatic experience for both of us though. I have started carrying a broomstick handle just in case. And this was a gentle breed, a Golden Retreiver, that attacked us! But, like I said, Charlie doesn't seem to have any lasting scars from the incident except a little skittishness when he hears a dog barking.
You'd never know it from this picture! And if this puppy class was based on cuteness, he'd be getting first place!!

He's a cutie! Wish us luck!

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Nicole said...

your new bathroom looks gorgeous!