Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gray, Gray Go Away!!

I seriously think I have SADD. I got a call this morning at 5:00 that there was no school which came as a shock. Last night when I went to bed it was raining and maybe sleeting a little so getting the call was a surprise. I never really found out why but I'm assuming the back roads where the school buses travel were probably icy. When I got up to let the dogs out around 7:30 it felt almost balmy out and the temp was probably around 40. I didn't really do much today though. It's just hard to get motivated when it's so darn depressing looking outside! This is the time of year when I start trying to figure out how I can go somewhere sunny and warmer. Then I have to talk Howard into going. He doesn't want to go anywhere right now because of work. Spring break week is coming up in a couple months but that seems so far away and it's always too expensive at that time of year to go anywhere. Today all I felt like doing was sleeping but I forced myself not to do that!
Now tonight they are really predicting bad weather. Around midnight we are supposed to have rain, possibly thunderstorms even, changing over to snow and winds at 40-50 miles per hour and the possibility of a couple inches of snow by morning. With the wind chill figured in they are predicting a 50 degree temperature drop from today into tomorrow! And I'm predicting right now that there will be school tomorrow!
For once, I hope I'm wrong. Maybe tomorrow I will feel like getting something done.

In other matters, Charlie's visit to the Dr. went well. His stitches are healing nicely and he goes back next Monday to have them removed. He's feeling like his old self again, full of energy, and it's hard to keep him calm.
I want some sunshine!

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