Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brrrrr...Brrrrr...Brrrrr... and other things

It is super cold here this weekend. The temp this morning was about 14 and the high was only supposed to be 15. The only bright spot, the sun was out part of the day. If you stood by the window and let the sun hit you, you could pretend it was actually warm! Sad as that sounds, that little bit of sun helps me feel better! It's supposed to stay cold all weekend so I think we'll just be staying inside where it's a constant 68 degrees!! Especially since the high tomorrow is only supposed to be 9!!! Geez, that's cold! Dangerous cold!! Then the high on Monday will be 19!! Hopefully this cold snap won't last too long.

In other news, Tyler went back to Hawaii on Thursday. After travelling for 12 hours he made it back safely with no delays or problems. For those interested, the temperature today in Honolulu was 78 degrees, 77 tomorrow and 78 again on Monday. Tyler starts school on Tuesday so he won't be seeing too much of the outside world after that. He's taking a full load this semester, 4 science classes with 4 labs, so he'll be very busy! I think he enjoyed his time here but he did complain about the cold, a lot. He's also not used to all this grayness anymore. Guess I can't blame him too much.

With everyone back to their regular routines and Scott's school schedule changing a bit, the pups will be home alone a lot more now. I will have to rush home for lunch 3 days a week (I only have 45 minutes) to let Charlie out and feed him lunch as he can't make it 8 hours without a potty break yet. Speaking of Charlie, we finished puppy classes Tuesday night and while he did graduate and receive a certificate, I regret to inform you that he did not win the down-stay competition. That honor was won by Jinx, a little female Jack Russel terrier (Charlie's favorite puppy class friend.) We will be taking more puppy classes in a month or so. Before we do that though, we need to have Charlie neutered which I hope will take place next week. We go for blood work on Monday and hopefully the surgery can be scheduled for Thursday or Friday.

Charlie likes to get as close to Zoe as she will let him. It usually doesn't last long as she's not much of a cuddler. This was a rare moment when they were laying near me and I had a chance to grab the camera.

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