Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Thaw

Well, at least one day of thaw! Yesterday was beautiful! Warm, sunny, melting. When I went for my walk yesterday afternoon it was 60+ degrees!
It gave me enough time to get things picked up in the yard and take some Christmas decorations down. H finished up taking down the decorations (lights) today. Just in time too because the colder weather returned along with a little rain.
Last Friday night at bowling we took all 4 points so I believe we are in first place by one point. This week we bowl the second place team however one couple in the team won't be there! Yea! Also at the last bowling I won Ladies High Game! It was a whole $32. I had only bowled a 176 so I can't believe I even won.
Our little sweetheart celebrated her third birthday on Friday. It was relatively low key, just family and friends, no crazy kids party. She really enjoyed her Birthday cake and blowing out the candle.
My pups are bummed because there were no walks this weekend or trips to the park but Zoe did enjoy a little deck time yesterday.
That's about it. I spent lots of time this weekend decluttering and organizing. In the process of cleaning, I've found so many things in the cupboards that have expired! One of my resolutions this year is to save money by not buying things unless I know I'm going to use them fairly soon. I must have thrown out 8-12 cans of stuff. Mostly soups, but still!
Nothing much else going on here. We are in the midst of the Winter doldrums. This little thaw has confused the wildlife. Today there were 4 ducks at the bird feeder and a few more in the pond. Hopefully they will stay warm for the next few months until Spring arrives for real! Have a good week!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

It's hard to believe Christmas and now New Year's has come and gone. Soon (just one more day for me) it will be time to go back to work.
Amber, Andy & Quinn arrived the Saturday before Christmas. We had a great visit and crammed in so many activities. Thankfully just before they arrived we received a few inches of snow, enough for a little girl to go sledding
and make a snow angel. She had never made a snow angel before but had read about it in a book and wanted to give it a try.
We baked cookies
frosted cookies
spent a little time chilling and playing games on Mimi's iPad
opened Christmas Eve pj's
opened Christmas morning presents (way too many and a bit overwhelming for a little girl). Next year I won't bother to wrap all the clothes. Lesson learned.
playing Mouse Trap with Grandpa
playing Go Fish with Grandpa
cuddling her boy, Charlie
She thought up this game all on her own and found it exceedingly hillarious! Too bad I only got the end of the playtime. watching TV with Grandpa
and finally, last but not least, BOWLING!!
Too quickly the time was up and they had to go back home.
Since Christmas was over we proceeded to take down the Christmas trees inside and put all the decorations away. It's still a bit too cold to take down the outside ones but that will happen as soon as it warms up a little bit.
Yesterday I spied this little girl out on the pond all by herself. She walked around in a small area for several hours eating.
Then she laid down and took a little nap.
This morning she was nowhere to be seen. Also yesterday I took the pups up to the highschool for a game of frisbee. It was the first time they had been out for a run in a good while.
Today the sun came out for the first time in 5 days. It was glorious. Unfortunately the streets are ice covered so I wasn't able to go for my walk. Maybe tomorrow I will go to the mall or someplace where it is safe to walk. I miss it.
I go back to work on Thursday. H has the rest of the week off since he took some vaca time. January and February are dark, cold, snowy months. I'm not looking forward to them. However, I am looking forward to something. One of our Christmas presents was to go on a cruise with Amber, Andy & Quinn and we are going to do just that at the end of February! It's booked and we are all set. It's a Disney cruise and only 3 nights but that should be the perfect amount of days since none of us have gone on a cruise before and we can make sure we really like it. We are so looking forward to it!
Have a good week!