Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Spring!

It's officially Spring and all that usually means around here is that its spring as far as the calendar says. However, this year it's truly SPRING! The tulips and daffodils are blooming,

The Goldfinch are just starting to get their yellow on!

the grass is green and the trees are blooming (those that flower) and are starting to get their leaves. It's been a week of truly warm temps. On Thursday my car thermometer said 84*! That's unheard of around these parts and in fact several records were smashed and new records set. All of these wonderful things would be great except for the fact that sometimes Mother Nature can have a very wicked sense of humor. Tonight and tomorrow night we are supposed to have a freeze and that means all the tender little darling plants that are sprouting up will probably turn black! Not good. The flowering dogwood will probably have the flowers drop off and we'll have to wait a while for the leaves.

My rose bush and Japanese maple are way ahead of schedule. The trees are almost 6 weeks early. Usually it's May before they even begin to bud!

Besides Spring arriving early, I have more exciting news. Scott got a JOB! Not only did he get the job, he started the job on Thursday. It's a 90 day contract but could go permanent if things work out. We are so excited for him! It's quite a drive to get there so we are keeping our fingers crossed that his car can hold up these next 3 months!

Zoe & Charlie enjoyed some deck time today. Scott took them up to the high school field earlier and they were properly relaxed all afternoon!

I didn't grow these tulips but I am really enjoying them. It brings a little bit of spring time inside too!

I'm still ELPA testing, at the high school all last week and that will continue tomorrow and possibly Tuesday. We are slowly winding down though and then the process will begin to start checking, double checking and then ship them off to the State!

We are so looking forward to Spring Break. We plan to stay home the first few days and then head over to Virginia toward the end of the week to see our little sweetheart,

oh and Amber & Andy too!

Have a good week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Tyler!!

Just yesterday, or 27 years ago that seem like just yesterday, I was getting ready to deliver my second child. We were all packed up and ready to leave for the hospital first thing in the morning.

This picture was taken when you had finally stopped being so fussy and you were starting to explore the world. You were about 6 months old.

In this picture you were 2-1/2 years old. It was taken at your preschool. You don't look too happy about it. It was about this time, maybe a little after, you went through a terrible biting stage. We think you were just frustrated because you couldn't express yourself too well yet but thankfully it didn't last long.

Here you are at about 5. You had that cute little window in your mouth where your first tooth had fallen out. We had already moved to Michigan but were back in Florida at the beach. Your hair was so blonde and you loved the beach so much.

Now you are all grown up and this is your third year away from home on your birthday. Happy Birthday Son! I hope you enjoy your day and have a bite of Korean birthday cake for us!!

Tyler in Bali

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crazy Good!!

The weather here is Crazy Good... It started last weekend and has lasted all week and is expected to run through this week. I can't quite talk myself into believing that winter is really through with us but this weather is incredible.
I spent last weekend out on the deck reading and Scott joined me for a few minutes to soak up some rays.

This was what the pond looked like a few days before that. The ducks have been hanging around despite the ice and now it's paid off because the ice has all melted and the pond is full of quacking ducks. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and hear them quacking.

Two pups have sure been enjoying themselves. Scott has been taking them for walks during the week and on the weekend they get to take a nice run at the high school field.

Here's Zoe waiting oh so patiently for me to throw the frisbee. Charlie is off checking his peemail but as soon as he sees her going for the frisbee he's back!

These little beauties popped up this week. The grass is greening up, trees are getting their buds ready and the tulips and daffodils are pushing up and will probably bloom later in the week, way early!

But the absolute best thing that has happened this past week is that THE PEEPERS ARE BACK ON THE POND!! I've been listening to their bedtime lullaby every night! It has been amazing and a full month early! Love it!

In other news, I upgraded my cell phone a couple weeks ago! I bought this absolutely amazing phone!

All I can say is, why the heck did I wait so long??? Oh yea, I waited because I had to wait for my upgrade time and that time is NOW! I absolutely love it! It has so many useful apps. Today I used it to figure out where the heck I was and how to get from there to the mall. I also use it for my grocery list. I just tell it what to put on the list, thanks to Siri, and it makes the grocery list for me. Amazing! I can't say enough good things about it!

We had bowling last Friday night. We were still in first place by 4 points. We bowled a team that we only had to give 60 points to, yea only 60! We took the first game, lost the second (I bowled extra terrible that game) and then the last game we kicked their butts so we took 3 games, two plus totals!! Yea us!! I think we will still be in first place by 2. We only have one more bowling night and then it's position night. Next time we bowl a tough team but the good part is that one of the best bowlers on that team recently had shoulder surgery so she can't bowl and yet she will still have a 160, that's taking 10 from her 170 average! It's not going to be easy to hold on to first place and with several teams so close we could easily slip out of it but we won't go down without a fight!!

I am in the middle of ELPA testing. I've finished my main school, helped with another elementary and supposedly tomorrow I will begin helping with testing at the high school. We have two more weeks to go, then Spring break, then another week before it's all over. It's been a busy time.

It's going to be a beautiful week, weatherwise, so I'm going to try to enjoy it while it lasts. I'm just hoping April doesn't bring ice storms or weather that kills all the beautiful flowers that are trying to bring Spring along.

Have a great week!