Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful father's out there. When you're a good Father you also have a chance to be one of these:

A good Grandfather!

Howard has always been a great Dad but he's a wonderful Grandpa too. He gets such a kick out of Quinn and all the things she does. He even has a picture of them together as the wallpaper on his cell phone. That's love!

It's been a good week around here. I've managed to get a few things done and also had a little time to read out on the deck and garden a bit. I have also been able to take the pups to the high school field every other day or so which they have thoroughly enjoyed. They are about to be spoiled!! I have to change up the times I take them because if I don't they start staring at me every afternoon around 4:00 and have a fit every time I go near the garage door!

This is where you can find Zoe after a particularly hot trip to the park. She knows exactly where to lay, right on top of the air conditioning vent!

On Thursday I went out to the garden. I wasn't able to stay long as I had the pups with me but I hadn't been out there in over a week and wanted to check on things. Man, things had really grown!

The carrots (at least the tops) have really taken off.

The potatoes are looking good too. One or two have started to flower too which means the potatoes are starting to grow underground.

The lettuce is starting to "head up" and will be ready for harvesting soon.

The onions had really grown and some are even starting to flower.

This broccoli was ready to harvest, almost past it's prime.

I was going to go out there today to do a little weeding but I just ran out of energy. Hopefully tomorrow I will make it. There isn't that much to do but I do need to do a little maintenance.

Friday night we were supposed to go to my friend Loretta's son's graduation party but I was feeling a little under the weather so we weren't able to go.

Saturday we hung around the house getting ready for a visit with the Porter's and some friends of theirs. We were all going to see their daughter, Liz, who just happened to be in town with Sheryl Crow. We got to the venue around 5:00 and we all went out to dinner with Liz. She had to be back by 7:00 so Sheryl could get ready for the show. We had a nice relaxing (and delicious) dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and made it back in plenty of time. Colbie Calliet was Sheryl's opening act and just as we arrived back at Sheryl's bus Colbie walked by, said Hi to Sheryl and then proceeded to go on for her show. We only stayed on the bus for a few minutes and then headed around to our seats. We had great seats, Row K, center which is only about 11 rows back. Colbie was good, singing all her well-known hits. You aren't really supposed to take pictures there but I managed to get a couple, not very good ones.

There was 1/2 hour intermission and then it was time for Sheryl to come on. As usual, she didn't disappoint. We had a great time.

She sang all her hits (and our favorites) and there was even a "surprise" appearance by Kid Rock. Sheryl and her crew had spent the afternoon hanging out at his pool as he just lives up the road from us. I guess he didn't hang around, or at least we didn't see him, as he was gone when we went back stage after the show.

The one thing I really don't get about concerts is how some people get so smashed. There were several couples in front of us and they were so drunk I don't know how they would even remember the show today. There was another woman just down the row from us that was so drunk she fell out of her seat into the aisle and a security person had to help her out. As one point I thought she had passed out but she got a second wind and resumed her "dancing". Crazy!

We ended up back on the bus for another visit with Liz and then when Sheryl came back we had to go as the bus was leaving! It was a wonderful night and we had a great time. Sheryl is so gracious and welcoming. We always enjoy seeing her and spending time with all the Porters. The Porter's friends headed on to their hotel and the Porters came back to our place to spend the night. They were on the road early this morning though as they needed to get home.

Today has been kind of a lazy day. Scott took H to lunch for Father's Day and they had some manly time together. I took the pups to the high school field. Now they are passed out and happy (Zoe & Charlie that is). Although I think H is having a little nap himself! It's amazing what a little exercise will do (or pizza and beer.)

This week I will be traveling to see Amber, Andy and Quinn. I'm so looking forward to spending a few days with them. Quinn is changing from week to week. She's picking up new skills she didn't have just 3 weeks ago when they were here for Memorial Day. I can't wait to see them (the skills) in person instead of just hearing about them!

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a Difference...

What a difference one little week can make. Actually less than week. Sometimes just a matter of hours.

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes your luck is just so good? You and the Universe have lined up, your ship has come in, you are living right under your lucky star? Or "someone" really has your best interest at heart, be it a higher power than you or the highest power?

Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 I was marking the time of my last days (hours really) of my job as a para. Then things changed, just like that! The Principal came to our little room and offered me a job for next Fall. It sounded good, really good. I asked her if it would be ok if I let her know in the morning as I wanted to at least let H know about it and he was on his way to Ohio at the time. So the next morning, first thing, I walked into her office and told her I would love to take the job. Looks like next Fall I will be working in the ESL (English as a Second Language) program. I'm really excited and happy about it. We have had quite an influx of Spanish speaking families in the last few years and many of them are in our building. There are others out in the District though and even some students from Asia who will require help next year. It's only 5-1/2 hours a day as opposed to the 7 I have now but at least it's a job and a good one too. So, there's one thing off my mind. I won't have to be looking for a job all summer.

Then Friday H took a little time off to check into refinancing our home. We have a balloon payment due August 1 and needed to find out what to do. Last time I checked it was a real pain and no one seemed that interested in helping us. Now, thanks to Obama and some of his new policies, the Bank HAS to help us refinance and it's all pretty painless. Within an hour, over the phone, we were all set! Done, finished, over! I was so happy and relieved. Yes, we will incur some costs, which they will wrap in the new mortgage, which I wish we weren't incurring but thankfully our payment will stay mostly the same. Another thing I was dreading and I admit I was even thinking we might not be living here much longer.

So, I'm feeling very blessed and thankful right now.

Wednesday was the last day of school. The kids were there 1/2 a day, we signed yearbooks, said our good-byes. Two students brought us gifts this year. One gave me a beautiful pot of flowers and the other a full grown rose bush! I have no idea where in the heck I am going to plant the thing. I truly have no more room in my yard, not that gets 6 hours of sunlight a day anyway. The rest of the day we worked on packing up our room and getting it ready for cleaning and the contents to be moved again. We had just moved into that room last fall and now my teacher will be moving out and into another room next fall. After school we all attended a "pink party" for all the people who have been pink slipped. I have to admit I did feel a little guilty that I was no longer among those nice people. But hopefully they will all be called back again next year too. You never know. Michigan may come up with some money somewhere or else other people will retire and make room for those that were pink slipped.

It's been great these last few days waking up without an alarm. The latest I've actually been able to sleep is only 7:30 and sometimes the pups wake me up earlier and then I convince them we need another hour or so. Usually they comply.

Saturday I took the pups to the high school field but it was very hot and especially muggy. They didn't last long at all. I threw the frisbee 5 or 6 times and then they both trotted over to the shade and layed down. We were done. Time to go.

Today is a little cooler, less muggy and no sun in sight. The weather man keeps saying there is a chance of thunderstorms but I think we will dodge them today. I just got back from taking the pups to the high school field again and they were much more energetic. They lasted a good 20 minutes before they were panting this time.

In other news, Quinn is now 5 months old. Where has the time gone. Amber says she has discovered her feet! They were going to be taking her in the pool today. We video chatted earlier and she was really checking everything out. She can't quite see us yet but we can sure see her and we love it.

I also have been g-chatting with Tyler every couple days. He is mostly working though he did say he went to a park there and they had big screens set up to watch S. Korea participate in the World Cup games. That must have been a sight!

Scott is still trying to find a way into his own apartment. He's been working 3 or 4 nights a week but still not making substantial money yet. With the economy the way it is I just don't think he will. The other day I went to the mall where his restaurant is and noticed that several places that had been there for years have recently closed down. It's just hard to stay in business and make any money I guess. People are still losing their jobs.

I'm going to a retirement party this afternoon for two people from school. One has been the 5th grade teacher for many years and the other is the school social worker. Both decided to take advantage of the incentives that the District is offering to retire. With all the people coming and going our building will really have a different look next year.

But I'm not going to think about that now. Right now I'm going to enjoy summer!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Best Present Ever!

Good gracious I love that face!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Three More Days...

Usually when there are only Three More Days left of school I'm really happy. And I am. I'm tired, ready for a break, ready to tackle some things around the house, sleep a little later (if Charlie will allow), not have a set schedule or some place to be by 8:00. This year, I will admit, it's a little bittersweet. I know I'm never going to do this job again though I do hold out a small bit of hope that some day I will be back at NSE, maybe even in the fall. The next three days will be both happy and sad. The fifth graders will be having lots of lasts, including their awards ceremony tomorrow. There will be lots of hugs and some tears. Some I will be sad to see leave, some not so much. Life goes on...

We had a nice weekend around here. Saturday I got lots of things accomplished. I went to the farmer's market and bought eggs and found a new supplier for some pasture-fed beef! That was exciting. From there I stopped to pick up some black oilers since my poor birds were completely out! Then I was off to pick up my new glasses. I've been feeling a little bit of buyer's remorse on picking this particular pair and I wasn't sure if I would really like them or not. Instead I didn't have to worry about that at all because when I put them on I couldn't see anything clearly except the sales girl standing about 18 inches away from me. I would not have been able to drive with them and I couldn't read close up clearly.
Something or someone screwed up somewhere. The girl said they would check them out and get back to me.

When I got home from there I had a little time to take the pups up to the high school field but I forgot the camera. But they pretty much look the same and do the same stuff every time anyway, right?

We couldn't stay long anyway because it was pretty hot and humid and they tired out quickly.

By the time we got home H was back from running his errands and we decided to head out to the garden. Yesterday morning was the beginning of the "big plant" for the main garden. We opted not to go but I'm sure I'll be doing my "hours" in other ways. I talked to Jim, the Master Gardener, yesterday and he said I could come out and to the big garden water once a week if I wanted. That would be pretty easy I think. So once we got out there we decided to do some weeding. It wasn't bad but a few weeks had definitely popped up. The broccoli had really taken off

and so had the radishes!

And here's what I picked!

The potatoes were looking good and had gotten so tall!

The lettuce and green beans, lookin' good!

The onions had grown so much and are about to bloom!

H did a little border work

and then INSISTED on laying some more straw, against my wishes, to keep the weeds down. I think it looks tacky and I'm worried about it keeping in too much moisture. He promised he would remove it in a week or so if I really didn't like it, which I don't!

Today I went to the Scamp Home Tour with my friend Natalie. There were 5 houses on the tour, two old ones (one built in the 1800's that had been the first local telephone company) and 3 newer ones, very fancy, lots of granite, etc. It rained pretty good most of the time but thankfully we brought our umbrellas so except for the humidity it wasn't too bad. Then we met Loretta for dinner at South of the Border and had a nice, long 3 hour dinner together. All in all it was a nice day.

Three more days. Three more days until my summer begins! Have a good week!

(Ok, now it's really 2 more days. Blogger would NOT cooperate last night and I could not post. Then I had to buy more space for my pictures as apparently I had run out!)

Two more days! Graduation was great. Everyone made it. The kids were happy. The teachers were happy. Last full day of school!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Now only two half days and two luncheons thrown in on top of that! Life is good!