Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

What a great weekend and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! On Friday, July 4, that's all people could talk about. Everyone everywhere was saying what an absolutely perfect day it was! Howard got up early to meet Mark and his neighbor Jim to play golf. I went to the craft show with Cheryl and Brenda. Here they are shopping for little purses made out of jeans! So cute. They each bought one!

It's always a good time at the craft show. I especially enjoy the Frisbee Dog Exhibition.

After the competition they cool off with a little pool time!

While Zoe could compete in catching the frisbee's she doesn't have the discipline to ignore the other dogs there and concentrate on the frisbee alone! After the craft show we returned to the Mark and Cheryl's to lay in and around the pool. The water was so nice, 80 degrees!! We relaxed until dinner time then went next door to Jim and Brenda's house. Jim had prepared a delicious dinner of salmon, green beans and corn on the cob and also a salad of tomatoes, mozzarella and onions! Yum!! After dinner we went back to Mark and Cheryl's and sat around the little fire pit and waited for the fire works which you can see right from their backyard! While it was a nice display it didn't seem as big as in past years but it was still nice.
The next day, even though Howard had a pretty serious sunburn, we went back to Mark and Cheryl's for more pool time and another Bar-B-Q.

This time there were also members of both Mark and Cheryl's family there. Cheryl's brother-in-law is the Executive Chef for the Detroit Tigers and a great cook! Here's what part of our dinner looked like!

Howard had to stay in the shade most of the time but he still enjoyed himself. I spent a good deal of time floating around in the pool. It was great, another beautiful day!!
Today, sadly, my friends Natalie and Loretta and I had to go to a visitation of a dear, sweet woman named Barb who died way before she should have. She fought and finally lost her 3 year battle with cancer. I knew her first as a Guest Teacher at school. She liked our program and the teachers so much she wanted us to be her granddaughter's teachers. We had her granddaughter for 2 years in the K+1 program and got to know Barb even better over those years. It was just so sad. Before we found out about Barb's death we had planned for this day to be my belated Birthday celebration. So after the visitation we went to lunch and caught up with what's going on in our lives. I always enjoy hanging out with those two.
In other news, Charlie turned 11 months old yesterday!! Looks how good he's getting at catching the frisbee, Andy!! You've got to come see this in person sometime!

Ok, his moves aren't as smooth as Zoe's but he's getting the idea!!

Here's Zoe gettin' some "big air"!!
I hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did!!


Anonymous said...

You should have entered Charlie in the Frisbee competition! He totally would have won!!! Ask your daughter about her blueberry cobbler!!!

Deb said...

Anonymous - you are so prejudiced!! And I heard about the cobbler, lucky!