Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's Growing On??

I decided that yesterday was a good day to work in the yard, weeding, thinning, propping, checking progress, etc. Here are a few samples:

This tomato plant is huge! It's doing the best by far even though it's in a pot. The ones I planted in the flower beds don't get sun all day like this one. I've had to thin some branches out so the tomatoes could get some sun!

Here's one of the little darlings!

These are my scallions, going crazy!!

They are almost big enough to start harvesting.

Here's a cute little cucumber, just starting.

Here's a zucchini plant. It's in the back yard but I guess it's getting enough sun as it's loaded with flowers.

Next time I'll show you the flowers and fauna!! We have some really neat fauna going on!!

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