Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lavender Everywhere!

Today I went with Cheryl and her neighbor/friend Brenda to a Lavender Festival! It was sooo hot and humid! It was a really interesting venue. It was out in the middle of nowhere basically.

We parked in a corn field of some type and then took the shuttle bus (air conditioned, thankfully) to basically a house on a large lot where the festival was held. Behind the house was a corn field and beyond that a diary or farm of some type with cows. The festival was on the side lawn and there were tables in the shade where you could eat lunch. The even had a harpist!

There were demonstrations held every hour and between those we visited all the booths filled with all things lavender. They even had a couple baby alpacas there (which I forgot to get pictures of). We each picked up a few lovely lavender items and Cheryl and I bought some lavender plants.

Back on the home front, the babies are getting bigger!

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