Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last Night Brought Back Such Nice Memories...

Last night we attended the wedding of the daughter of one of my Bunco friends. Amber also played volleyball with her in high school. Stephanie's wedding and Amber's had so many similarities it was amazing. First the colors of the weddings were similar, black, white and green (even though the green wasn't exactly the same), flowers on the table, cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, colors of the bridesmaids dresses (complete with green sashes), even the song played for the Father/Daughter dance (though by a different artist)! We sat at the table with 4 other Bunco girls and their husbands/date. Of course, the bride was gorgeous and the groom very handsome and I'm so happy for my friend who has a very happy daughter and a new son-in-law! Today has been a rainy day here in Michigan so we've spent most of the day inside. We have been trying to decide if we should use our time-share in St. Pete this summer or not. It's not at a particularly good time for me as it's the week before school starts and I believe I'm supposed to work a few of those days. Also, Howard offered the place to a guy from work and hasn't heard back from him yet. If he doesn't take it I think we will try to go down. Neither of us has been to the beach in a few years so it's always good to keep an eye on your investment, at least that's what I'm telling myself!

Amber and Andy are down in South Carolina this weekend attending Andy's Grandma's 90th Birthday party! I'm sure they will enjoy catching up with all his family members as well. Happy Birthday Andy's Grandma!

I tried to get new pictures of our baby birds today but every time I've gone out there to try I get dive-bombed by either the mom or dad! I think they are pretty serious about hurting me if they can so I had to give up and this is the best I could do. Pitiful!

This afternoon Howard was eating some Combos and I mentioned that Scott tells me they are Zoe's favorite snack. This is what happened when he shared one with her.

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