Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Official!!!

It's official! Today I made our airline reservations for our Christmas in Hawaii trip! I have been watching the fares go up a little each day and decided it was now or never! I can't even repeat or admit how much it's gonna cost but I'm telling myself (and everyone else) that this will be a "once in a lifetime" experience. Imagine 10 days in Hawaii with your family when it's freezing back home in Michigan and you are sitting/walking on a beach enjoying sunset after sunset after sunset!! The next step will be to find a place to stay. It's exciting and yet depressing because it's so darn expensive!

It was a beautiful weekend here in Michigan, warm but not humid so we were able to leave the windows open and air conditioner off. Howard spent a little time doing this

(along with his little buddy) but most of his weekend was spent installing ceiling fans in Scott's bedroom and the master bedroom. The master bedroom is a bit tricky because he has to install it in a cathedral ceiling while standing on a water bed! Got that picture??? It will be so nice to have ceiling fans in all the bedrooms. He's put it off for 7 years. I think he thought it would be a real problem because when the cheapo builders built this house they didn't bother to install ceiling lights in any of the bedrooms. That meant he had to do all the wiring too, from the attic, which wasn't easy. But in his usual "handy man" fashion, he's completed 2 out of 3 so far. I do love me a handy man!!

Zoe got her share of naps in too. She went to the park both days to play frisbee. She played while "Chicken Little" spent his time running around trying to find the car or get away from some noise only he could hear.
He only seems to feel safe at home, either in the house or on the deck.

I spent part of the weekend trying to bake the perfect loaf of rosemary/olive oil bread I buy at the grocery store. I have tried baking this darn bread so many different times in so many different ways and I just can't get it to turn out right. Today I baked two loaves and the first one puffed up so big and somehow stuck to the pan even though I had put cornmeal in the bottom of the pot. So this loaf had no bottom. The other loaf is baking now and it's raising straight up! It's gonna look like a volcano when it's done I think! You would think with people baking bread for thousands of years that it wouldn't be that difficult. You would think. I'm not giving up though. One day I am going to bake the perfect loaf of bread. I just pray I will remember what I did when the time comes so I can repeat it!

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