Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nice Quiet Weekend

After a bit of rain Friday night we ended up with a pretty nice weekend. Both days I spent some time on the deck catching up on my reading and enjoying the sunshine. I also planted the rest of my flowers, pulled a few weeds and watered the pots that weren't able to catch the rain on Friday night.
Howard spent some time 2-1/2 stories up replacing some rotted wood around our bedroom window. The ladder was stretched up to the furthest point possible and he had to hammer in two new boards but he made it. He also found this interesting thing in the yard.

Shortly after that we saw our snake and he looked so shiny and new. His yellow was really yellow! He was moving too fast to get a picture but he's definitely still around.
Today we took the dogs up to the high school field. It was a perfect day for playing frisbee and Zoe was in rare form. I got some great pictures while Howard was throwing the frisbees.

Here's Howard giving Charlie a little pep talk. While Zoe was in rare form, Charlie was distracted and not really giving it his all.

For those of you who don't enjoy the pictures of the pups, you can scroll to the end. For the rest of you, get ready for some GREAT pictures!!

Look at that focus!!

This wasn't a spectacular catch but it was just a warm-up!

Look at the "air" she's getting in this one!!

Too bad she missed the frisbee but the effort was incredible!!

Another miss but look at the height and the fancy crossing of the back feet!!

Finally, she gets one!!

Wooooooo Hoooooooooo!!!

And just so those Charlie-lovers (I'm talkin' to you Andy) don't feel deprived, here's a cute one of Charlie. Sorry I couldn't get any spectacular catches from him but he's just not at that level yet!!

He has a style all his own though!

So that's it for the weekend. Beautiful weather, nice and quiet, lots of relaxing, spending time with the dogs. I hope everyone else had a nice weekend too!

ONLY 10 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT, (only 9-1/2 with students)!!!

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