Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No School Again Today!! :-)

No school again today!! Still no power at our school but I did receive a call that staff has to report tomorrow, power or not. Oh well, guess I can make it another two days, a day and a half if with kids if we have power. Tomorrow is the 5th Grade Graduation so we will have that even if we don't have power and then we will also have 1/2 day with kids on Friday, power or not, to wrap up the year, take things home, etc.
Since we didn't have school we spent the day at home and much of it in the yard. It was hot too so I decided to break out the pool for Zoe. Charlie was having no part of it, except to get a drink now and then.

Here are a few more nice pictures I took today.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! Good one Zoe!!!!

Anonymous said...

I read your words about cleaning the closets...I'm waiting to hear all about it.