Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No School Today!!

Due to the storms that blew through here Sunday night (while we were at the Graduation Open House) we have had power outages. We had school yesterday but were operating with a back-up generator and by the end of the really hot and humid day, the batteries were running down. We had the lights off all day and no fans running but luckily we had water. But without power there can be no lunch and therefore no school so since power hasn't been restored we had no school today. I also just looked at the website and there is still no power so there's a good chance there will be no school tomorrow. It's not out at all schools in our area, just our elementary, the middle school behind us and the junior high across town. Lots of traffic lights were out today and many families around the school are without power too. At least today it finally cooled down so those poor people with no power can at least be comfortable. As for me I turned off the air conditioning!! Yippeeee!!
Only 3 days left, 2-1/2 with kids and maybe only 2 days with 1-1/2 with kids if there's no school tomorrow! I think we should have gotten out of school last Friday so I don't care if we have it tomorrow or not! I'm ready to start singing "School's Out For Summer"!!!

The peonies are blooming and because it's been so hot the past 5 days or so they won't be around long. Have to get my pictures while I can and try to enjoy them!

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