Thursday, June 5, 2008

Charlie is 10 Months Old Today!!

Charlie is 10 months old today! Sometimes it seems like he's much older. He can be so mature sometimes. Then he does something goofy and I remind myself (and others) that he really is still just a puppy!

We finished Puppy Class Tuesday night. He really did a nice job especially when there were lots of distractions. There were about 10 puppies in the class and he held his own. The final night we were tested on sit-stays and down-stays. He managed to do both. Then we had some fun and ran the puppies through a tunnel. The first couple times he was hesitant and then he really seemed to enjoy himself.

We are signed up for an Intermediate class in July. We'll just be building on the skills he's already learned.

What a good puppy!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 10-months Charlie! Happy Birthday Mrs. Mitchell!!