Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Summer!!

What a great start to summer we had this weekend! The weather was gorgeous, except for a small shower yesterday afternoon, unfortunately right in the middle of a friend's son's Graduation Open House! Thankfully they had tents and it wasn't raining too hard.

Just look how green everything is! Flowers are blooming like crazy and it's been nice to have the windows wide open and the air conditioning off! We are supposed to have another beautiful weather week!
Look at this beautiful Clematis. I just planted it last summer and it only had a couple flowers on it.

This year it's growing like crazy!

Howard and I spent most of the weekend reading. He was reading for business, me for pleasure. It was a perfect weekend for sitting out on the deck with the sun shining and breeze blowing. Look who else was out there enjoying the weather and squirrel watching!

This evening we went over to a friend of Tyler's from high school, well his parents home, to say hello, goodbye and congratulations. He just finished basic training in the Marines and will leave in another week for more training. It's hard to think of someone just Tyler's age doing the things he's been doing. He didn't feel his life was moving in the right direction so he decided to enlist and he seems happy with his decision. I just hope he can stay safe.
Not much else is happening really. Amber & Andy are doing well in Virginia. They went kayaking this past weekend and Amber said they had fun. They have slowed down a bit on their house hunting as they have already seen everything they might be interested in. Guess they will have to wait for more places to come on the market.

Tyler is finishing up his first summer semester and enjoying his new job working as a crew member on a catamaran. He's learning to tie all kinds of knots! That may come in handy some day.

Scott has another week until Scamp begins and he's just enjoying his summer. I think he spends most of the money he makes eating out. He and his buddies seem to go out to lunch or dinner every day!

Zoe's agility class went well.

There were about 10 dogs there and she didn't freak out too much. That's what I was worried about, that she would bark and scream uncontrollably about the other dogs but she just barked a little and growled every time she passed a dog. She went through the course about three times. She went through a chute, two tunnels, through the weave poles, over jumps and through a tire! She seemed to be having fun and I worked up quite a sweat taking her through all that stuff! The only down side is that there is a lot of standing around waiting for the other 9 dogs to go through before you get your turn again. I think she will be better each week and get used to being around other dogs. Now if I can just get Charlie to do the same!

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