Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Night...

Sunday night, no pictures, too busy or too rainy!!
After my relaxing day at the spa we went to dinner at Mr. B's. I splurged (after all it was my Birthday) and had ribs, ummmm, good! Around about 10:00 we had some wicked thunderstorms rumble through and there was no good sleep for the rest of the night. We've had trouble with Zoe in the past with thunderstorms. She whines, pants, paces, shakes. She was getting a little better and not so neurotic and then... along came Charlie. He spazes out much more than she ever did. At least she waited until she was 2 before it started bothering her. He's been bothered since the first storm came around a couple months ago! So needless to say with storms coming through every couple hours there was not much sleeping going on.
Today at noon I went on the annual Scamp home tour with a friend. It's always so interesting to hear about the houses that were built as far back as the 1800's here in our little town and also to see how people decorate. It always inspires me to come home and clean out closets and declutter! Well, not today but soon. It was ungodly hot today too and humid. Even though many of the homes had air conditioning it still wasn't that cool with all the people coming in and out all the time. I got home around 3:30 and then we had to get ready to go to a Graduation Open House of a young lady that I used to babysit way back when. I watched her from the time she was 16 months old until she started kindergarten. It was nice to be included in her graduation celebration. We had just finished a yummy dinner of ribs and chicken when the sky turned dark and the rain started coming down. Then the wind started blowing and everyone started running out from under the tents we were under on the driveway to the garage. Unfortunately one lady was hit in the head by something when the wind kicked up and she was bleeding. Then the graduation-girl's father was also hit in the head though he wasn't bleeding quite as badly as the lady was! We hung out in the garage for a little while and when the rain let up we decided we should probably head for home. The wind had been blowing so hard that a tree was knocked down in their back yard and further down the street there was a tree partially blocking the road! We made it home fine and then listened to the weather man go on and on and on about the weather as it worked it's way through our area. By the time we got home it had passed through here and our place had no damage whatsoever. Of course the dogs were completely nutso! Panting, running around, whining! I'm going to have to do some serious de-sensitizing this summer!
So, it's Sunday night and I'm getting things ready for another week of work. Only 4-1/2 days left with the kids and if things go our way, rumor has it that our two students who are making us crazy will only be attending school this week half days! What a gift that will be! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high just in case it doesn't happen but part of me is really hoping it does happen! This will be a tough week anyway though as it's gonna be hot and the kids will all be geeked! We should have just called it quits last Friday. This week will be totally wasted anyway. But still, 4-1/2 days, only 4-1/2 days! That's nothing! So short!! Over soon!! WooooooooHoooooooooooo!!!
Have a great week everyone (or every two)!

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