Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today is the day I am the same age as the year I was born! What a coincidence!! I'm not saying how old that is. I've finally reached the age where I don't want to announce just how many years I've actually been on the planet!
So far today has been a wonderful day! It started with a call from Amber and Andy (my favorite son-in-law) who sang Happy Birthday to me. That was nice, especially since the only one who used to do that was my Mom and she won't be doing that this year. Then I started getting ready for my Birthday surprise. Well, it wasn't as big a surprise as Howard was hoping as the Spa called last night to confirm my appointment but I still didn't know what he had arranged.
When I got there I discovered he had scheduled a Swedish massage. My past experience with a massage wasn't all that great but today I have to say it was really good. Mickey ironed out some serious kinks and other than him messing up my hair a bit I felt much better and more relaxed when it was all over. When I went up to the front desk to find out what they had in store for me next, I discovered I was getting a pedicure. Again, I wasn't crazy about getting that either because of all the horror stories you hear about women losing their toes to some awful infection or other but things were clean and I talked to the manicurist about how she cleaned things and felt better about the whole thing.

My nails are a beautiful pink now and my feet are all buffed and lotioned up! When I finished that I was told I also had a spa facial left on my day of beauty but I decided to wait and get that next week, after school's done! Can't wait as that's the thing I was really hoping for!
So, it's been a great day so far! Can't wait to see what's next!!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pedi!!! Happy Birthday!