Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still Ain't No Sunshine...

How many cardinals can you spot in this picture? They come around all winter as long as I remember to fill up the feeder!

Depressing, gray, cold, ugly. I tried to take Zoe for a walk yesterday and even had my snow shoes on and ended up slipping and falling on the ice beneath the snow! I fell right down on my knee but surprisingly it doesn't hurt today! I just hate not being able to go for a walk if I want to! I came home telling Howard I was ready to pack up and move. Somehow I don't think he's taking me seriously. I was serious. Seriously!
Howard and I had our own little Superbowl Party. I made mini hotdogs and chicken wings, woo hoo! The game is still on and I'm half listening to it while I write this.
Friday night at bowling we only took 1 point :-(. One of the games we lost by only 1 point! That hurt!!
Not much else to talk about. Life is boring, weather is boring, nothing going on, nothing coming up any time soon... boring. Seems like all I've been doing lately is cooking. Yesterday I made bread and home made tomato soup for dinner.
This blog could use some new pictures and excitement! Hey Ty, how about sending me those new pictures you told me about! I could show everyone how beautiful Hawaii is and it would cheer me up too!! I'm waiting!!
I tried several times to get this nice picture of the pups together but everytime I got them sitting together Scott would run from room to room distracting them. I finally got one but it was blurry so this is it for pup pics!

Have a good week everyone!

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