Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Many people feel this is just a "Hallmark Holiday" but elementary school children really know how to get the most out of it. Today I helped with "Valentine math", art projects, candy passing, filling out Valentines, distributing them, receiving them and giving a few. I also received a few pieces of candy, many hugs and Valentine's wishes. They can barely wait until the parties begin at 2:30 and they really know how to squeeze lots of fun into an hour. The sugar in the cookies, cupcakes and ice cream really gets them all hopped up and then, thankfully, it's time to pack them up and send them home!!
Here is one of my little Valentines!

Zoe always poses so nicely, knows how to sit, lay down, stay. I had to take about 20 pictures of the monster to get this one halfway good one! Most of the time they were doing this.

I guess Zoe remembered that just a couple years ago this had been "her" pillow! Now she has to share it and she doesn't seem too happy about it!
Not much else is new here. Amber is recuperating nicely and getting around a little bit more easily. Tyler called today to tell me he has a job at a Health Food Store. Scott had to shovel 6 inches of show off the driveway yesterday. We should have had a snow day but it was "Student Count Day" and unless hell freezes over there's gonna be school on that day! Students at school = $$$. So we had school and I had a hard time getting my little car out of the driveway. When I finally got out I was on a solid sheet of ice and couldn't go anywhere. I finally rocked back and forth until I hit a patch of snow and could get going, then on the road out of the subdivision I got to the top of the hill and got stuck on the ice again. I had to back up a couple houses and get another running start to get to the top of the hill! Fun, fun, fun! At least yesterday and today the sun has been out. That's the good news. The bad news is we are expecting more snow tonight. Hopefully it will all hit after I get home from Bunco tonight! And if there is school tomorrow that will make 5 days in a row! The most we've had in weeks!
I hope everyone had a happy day and received lots of love!

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