Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Charlie is 6 months old today...

This baby is really growing up fast! He's as tall as Zoe now but a lot skinnier. He only weighs 25 pounds while Zoe weighs almost 40. Granted, she's slightly overweight but I think he still has a few pounds to gain and probably will now that he's neutered.

This is what Zoe looked like at 6 months old.

She had a much smaller head and nose and looked fuzzier somehow. And of course she didn't have the cock-eyed ear he has. I guess we're going to be stuck with that sticking up from now on. It doesn't look like it's going to lay down anytime soon.

This poor kitty didn't have a chance!

He was pulled and tugged for a good half hour!
And for those of you who love weather news: we are having another Winter Storm Advisory tonight, rain, sleet and snow, up to 3 inches by morning rush hour! I am going to go ahead and predict that we will NOT have a snow day tomorrow. We only get two free snow days and then have to start making them up in the summer. Unless we absolutely cannot get to school tomorrow they won't be calling it. Geez, dogs and the weather, that's all I've got!

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