Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Job Hunting... Again

Well, I'll be looking for a job again after Friday. I got a call on Monday, while we were off for Mid-Winter Break that I "was not one of the people chosen" for the job (and 9 others) that I applied for. The only reason given was that they were looking for people who were willing to change diapers at the high school and manage students with cathetors. Neither one of those things are required now in the job I do but that's what they wanted so, so be it. I will finish out the week and then start looking for a new job.

This is what Zoe thinks about me not getting the job!!!

Yesterday the pups went to the groomers for baths and haircuts (trims). It was Charlie's first time as I've been bathing him at home in the tub but he needed a little trim work and the groomer wanted to get him used to coming while he's young. They both looked so soft and shiny and smelled so good!

The groomer reported that Charlie did fine and didn't give her a hard time at all like I predicted he would.

This is how tired he was when it was all over!

Then last night Charlie and I went to his second round of puppy classes, this time at a different place, more professional. Charlie is a bit shy so he sits back and watches for a while before he feels comfortable going out to meet new dogs. The worst part of the whole night was just getting there as the school is on a dirt road that is completely covered in ice! It was a tough drive but we made it.

Zoe was like, "where did they go?" She was probably glad to have a little time to herself without Charlie pestering her all the time!
Not much else new. Tyler's liking his new job and the hours, from 5-9 at night, are working out well and an added bonus is that they give him any leftover food at the end of the night! Saves on his weekly food budget! Amber and Andy are doing well. Amber's back to work after her surgery and feeling better all the time. Nothing new with Scott, just school and studying and a little work. zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Oh, sorry, dozed off there for a sec, life is so uneventful! Did I mention it was still cold? Down into the single digets tonight but at least the sun was out today!! Woohoo!!

Hey Andy, Charlie told me to send this picture out just for you and to tell you that he misses you and come back and see him again soon!! slurp, slurp!! (That's a puppy kiss since he's not much of a hugger, like his Mom.)

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