Friday, February 22, 2008

Job Update

What a difference a couple of days can make. So on Monday, as I said, I got the call that I didn't get the job I had recently applied for. On Wednesday I went in to school and told some of the teacher's the news. Thursday afternoon around 3:00 I got a call offering me the job! Apparently "someone" made a few phone calls and they decided they could hire me after all as long as I understood that if there were diapers to be changed I would have to help out with that. Since I don't anticipate that I couldn't really refuse and if the occasion does arise I can always look for another job. So, starting Monday I'm a permanent employee. It's definitely different from working in the classroom where you just watched children be escorted or carried out and now I'll be the one escorting and carrying.
So, today when I got home the sun was just streaming in the window and I couldn't resist some pics of the pups in the sunshine. They looked so shiny and bright!
Here's Zoe looking gorgeous. She's such a good poser.

And Charlie is learning. He will sit for quite a while as long as I'm holding the ball. He's quite the ball player and a really good retreiver too! The two of them have quite a system with Zoe chasing it (being the fastest) and getting to it first, then she passes it to Charlie and he brings it back to me. It's like a relay.

Here's Charlie cuddling up to Zoe just before he snatches the ball away from her.

Not much else new to report around here. The weather is still crappy though next week it's supposed to get up into the 30's. That'll be a nice change. There are still huge chunks of ice frozen on the road of our subdivision making it very slippery still. Maybe with the warm up some of it will melt away.


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