Monday, July 30, 2007

1934 - 2007

My Mom quietly slipped away this morning after a month in the hospital, two weeks of which were spent in ICU hooked up to a ventilator and other invasive tubes and wires. Sadly her organs just gave out and couldn't support her anymore. She didn't care for the tubes and let us know but we thought we were trying to give her a fighting chance. Howard and I were with her and I was holding her hand at the end. She had many friends and extended family members who will miss her dearly. She was proud of her sharp mind and was always challenging herself with games to help keep it that way. Just recently she started learning about Marine Biology so she would be able to discuss it with Tyler. This picture was the last one taken of her, right around my birthday on June 7. I had just gotten a new camera and dropped by her apartment and spent a few minutes trying it out. Eventhough she will be missed we know she's gone on to a better place for her, one without pain and suffering and where she can get around freely now. Rest in Peace.

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