Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Meet the Porters!!

That's what we did yesterday! We drove west, they drove east and we met near the middle. This was the first meeting between Howard and I and Andrew's parents (Amber's future in-laws). We all thought it would be nice to meet at least once before the wedding in September. Hopefully we will see each other again in August when they host a party for the happy couple at their home and then we are hosting a Bridal Luncheon here in town the next day. We enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch and talked about all sorts of things, including our kids. It was a nice afternoon.

After lunch, Howard and I headed up to Mt. Pleasant to The Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. Howard had always wondered what it was like up there and since we were only an hour away we decided to go. That place was crazy! So much noise from all the machines. It sounded like an orchestra warming up (for 3 hours)!! I hit the slots (mostly 2 cent and nickle) and Howard played Black Jack. My money was gone by the end of the 3 hours and Howard made $4. It's not somewhere we would go often but it was fun for the afternoon.

We had to put my Mother in the hospital on Friday. She's suffering from congestive heart failure brought on by sleep apnea possibly. That seems to be the popular diagnosis anyway. I believe this is something she will be able to recover from but it's going to be a long process I'm afraid. She didn't get in this condition overnight and she won't be able to get out of it overnight either. We have spoken to her Dr.'s and they seem to be on top of things and know that we are there often and asking questions.

The kids are all fine, mostly. Amber is still finishing up the final touches for the wedding plans. Andrew was feeling under the weather this past weekend but seems to be on the mend now. We were worried about you Andrew!! Glad you're feeling better! Tyler finished his first summer semester and started his second summer semester yesterday. He's going to school 4 days a week this semester and keeps talking about getting a job but I don't think he really wants to. I mean, he would like the money from a job but it's been nice that he hasn't had to work and has just been able to concentrate on school for once. Scott seems to be enjoying SCAMP and has just finished his second week. In his spare time he's hanging out with his buddies playing frisbee golf and eating.

Howard actually took a few days off work, Friday, Monday and today. He has tomorrow off for the 4th, of course. He's looking pretty relaxed for a change and hasn't been working, just checking his e-mail. Guess old habits are hard to break!

Tomorrow we will go to a craft show in the park and then over to a friend's house for the afternoon. They have a pool and a perfect location for viewing the fireworks, right from their backyard!

Happy 4th Everyone!!

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They seem like such nice people!!!