Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hospitals, Dr.'s and Dialysis, Oh My

That's my life in a nutshell lately. Call the hospital, get an update, go feed the cat, get Mom's mail, go to the hospital, get more updates, try to track down Dr.'s for more information, talk to the kidney dialysis nurse, try to figure out the system, when to call, what to ask, who to talk to. My Mom's condition is much the same, still on the ventilator, still receiving dialysis daily, kidneys beginning to function a little, fluid in lungs lessening a little, still sedated or too sleepy to wake up and even know if I'm there. It is just so hard to watch someone in that condition, so helpless. I sit looking at her and wonder if she truly knew all that was being done to her if she would have wanted this after all, even though a week ago she said she wanted to do whatever was necessary to keep her alive as long as there was a chance she would make it. I try to be optimistic with the little improvements she seems to be having. Try not to think about what they will have to do if she can't stay on the ventilator. Thinking, always thinking.
The rest of the family is doing well. Howard's busy with work, hasn't gotten to play golf in a couple weeks now for one reason or another. Tyler's plugging along in his second semester of summer school and has his fall classes all set. We've also made his reservation to get to the wedding in September. It will be so good to see him as it will be almost 9 months by then since we last saw him. Scott's enjoying SCAMP and hanging out with his friends. The weather here has been hot lately so he's enjoying all those trips to the park and beach with the little Scampers. Amber is coming home this weekend. We plan to do some power shopping to try to find something for me to wear as Mother-of-the-Bride!! It will be great to have her home, even for a couple days. Plans for the wedding are going well except that the D.J. just advised he can't make it after all. The search is on for another D.J. Guess we should be glad he gave us 2 months notice instead of two weeks!! We are all anxiously awaiting the Bridal Luncheons/Parties that are coming up next month. It should be a fun time!

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