Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's All New To Me!

Ok, granted, I haven't interviewed for a job in over 12 years, but this was a new one to me: a working interview. A couple weeks ago I took my resume to a local veterinarian's office who were looking for an additional receptionist. I filled out their application, dropped off my resume and letter and waited to hear from them. Finally on Monday I got a call to come in for an interview on Tuesday at 10:00. I arrived for my interview and had to wait for a while because they were so busy. Finally the time arrived but we had to conduct the interview outside on a bench because they were so busy there were no spare rooms. The interview didn't last long but seemed to go pretty well and at the end the practice manager (that was his title) asked if I could come in on Wednesday for a few hours. I agreed to come in from 8:00 - 11:00. When I got there I was introduced and it was explained to others that I was there for a "working interview". News to me but I have to admit that on Tuesday he didn't say I had the job but didn't say I hadn't. I guess "working interviews" can be a good thing for both parties. Maybe I wouldn't like them or how they did business. Maybe they wouldn't like me either and didn't think I would fit their image, or whatever. The first thing I decided was that this is not just a "receptionist" position unless those have changed too in the last 12 years. Receptionist jobs I was familiar with were jobs where people answered the phone, took messages, maybe booked some appointments, got clients coffee. This is a front office job and it's b-u-s-y!! When the 3 hours were up the manager and I went into an office, he asked me how things went, I said I thought things gone well, that there would be a lot to learn but I thought I was up for the task and he said he would talk to the "girls" and be in touch! End of working interview! So... now I wait. Wait to see if/when they will call back. At least I have my first interview in 12 years behind me. Maybe it will be my last, maybe only the first of many! Updates to follow...

Zoe, lookin' cute!!

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