Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good Shopping Weekend

Amber arrived bright and early Saturday morning! How she gets up for these early flights I'll never know! After she finished her greetings to Scott and Zoe, she and I were on the road to the jewelers so she could order the wedding bands! How exciting! She wasn't too happy about leaving her engagement ring behind for a couple weeks but it needed a little tweaking so that it will fit right with the wedding band. When we finished there we were off to the fancy schmancy mall in a hunt for a perfect "Mother of the Bride" dress! We headed straight to Macy's as several of my friends have had good luck there with their dress shopping. We swept through the department and brought an armful of possibilities back to the dressing room. The first selection was a good one, only needed a little alteration. The second one was nice but Amber had a hard time getting past the beading of large flowers. Reminded her of a Mexican fiesta, I think! The third selection seemed perfect; wouldn't need alterations, good color, simple yet elegant! And the best part: IT WAS ON SALE! It was 50% off!!! Even if it hadn't been on sale it would have been worth it to find something that fit so well and was found so quickly!! We didn't even feel that we needed to keep looking, just in case we found something better. This was it! So, that hurdle has been cleared and I am all set with the perfect Mother of the Bride dress!! Now if I can only find the perfect shoes to go with it!
On Sunday Amber and I went up to the hospital to visit my Mother. She actually seemed a little more alert today. Apparently she has an infection though that she contracted in the hospital. They are treating it and hoping for the best. It seems that for every little step forward she takes 3 or 4 backwards. It's slow going and she's not out of the woods yet. They want to do dialysis as much as possible as that's really the only way to get the fluid out of her body and then hopefully things will start working again.
Amber's on her way back home now. I think she got a lot accomplished in two short days. In just two weeks she and Andrew will both be back this way to participate in the Bridal Parties/Luncheons here in Michigan on both the West and East coasts! Exciting times!!

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