Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just When I Had Given Up Hope...

They called. The vet's office. I had pretty much given up hope that they were going to call me. After all, it had been a week and I figured if they were really interested they would call me fairly quickly. So, having given up on that job, I was thrilled to get a call yesterday from an elementary school where I had also applied for a posted job as a reading aide way back in June. I figured that I wouldn't hear about that job for a while because the buildings are closed down in July and don't open back up for business until August. So yesterday I got a call to schedule an interview for the school job! I was thrilled! Since I obviously didn't get the job at the vet's office, at least I still had a chance to get this job! I'm perfect for this job! I've had experience! Confident! Excited! Then... this morning the vet's office called. I didn't answer the phone and let the machine get it and they requested I call them back. What were they going to say? Sorry, we hired someone else or you got the job! What did I want them to say? So instead of calling them back I went over to my Mother's apartment to sort through some things and throw out some things and talked it all over with two of my best friends, Natalie and Loretta, who were helping me clean things out. They also helped me weigh my options. Both jobs have merit but I don't have either job at this point. We finished up at my Mom's apartment and I came home to think some more. Finally around 5:00 I called the vet's office to find out what they had to say. They offered me the job. They had tried out a few other people but no one had my personality or job skills. (Talk about flattery going to your head! This was what I needed to hear!) So now, here's the dilemma. Do I take the job that's offered and forget about the interview on Monday? Or do I interview on Monday and weigh the two jobs? I asked the vet's office if I could call them back late Monday or Tuesday. He said to take my time, they weren't considering anyone else until they heard back from me. I think I've decided to go ahead and do the interview on Monday. It can't hurt, right? The worst that can happen is that I would have two jobs to choose from. Or at least get enough information to decide if I would even want the reading job if it WERE offered, and said offer could take another week or so. Geez, decisions, decisions. I think I'll get a few more opinions first! Wish me luck!

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