Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wish I Had Better News...

After my Mom's dialysis yesterday, Howard and I went up to the hospital. Mom seemed disoriented and very tired. Since she had fallen asleep they put her bipap machine on so we left. At 11:45 that night the nurse called me and said Mom had taken a turn for the worse and wasn't able to breathe well enough to push the CO2 from her lungs and they needed to put her on a ventilator. They also wanted to transfer her to ICU. I gave my permission after obtaining what facts I could as they assured me this would help her. Then at 2:45 a.m. the nurse called again wanting to put a line in her vein so they could take her blood gas levels more accurately. When Howard and I got to the hospital today it was tough to see how she was hooked up to all these machines. They are giving her medication to keep her comfortable and relaxed. She didn't know we were there this morning. When I called the nurse this evening for an update she advised me that things were basically the same. The kidney Dr. advised they would need to do dialysis again tomorrow and the nurse said Mom probably wouldn't be awake until after that so it probably wouldn't be wise to come to the hospital but I should call for updates. It's just impossible to know which direction this will go. As long as the Dr.'s tell me there is a chance she will improve, that's the direction we will go. That was her wish. I just hope she has the strength to come back from all this.

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