Thursday, July 12, 2007


Life goes on. My Mother was moved last night from the hospital where she has been for 12 days to a rehab facility, which is located in a different hospital, a little further away than the first. They are letting her have the bipap machine (for sleep apnea) which the Dr.'s have deemed a medical necessity. Now the hard work will begin for her. There will be all kinds of therapists in and out each day helping to get her back on her feet and back to her apartment, eventually. I've been back and forth to the hospital nearly every day. I've also been to her apartment every day to feed the cat, take in the mail, check things out. It's good I don't have a job right now so that I can get to the hospital to talk to the Dr.'s every day, coordinate who's seeing her, stay on top of her care, etc. I would hope that everyone has someone in their life who can do that for them. I am my Mother's only someone. So, overall, the news about her is positive.

Then Tuesday, my Father calls me from Cali. This is rare, my Father doesn't call unless someone is sick or dead. He gives me the bad news; he has lung cancer, stage 4, inoperable. He tells me "not to panic", not to jump on a plane and come out there. He starts chemo next week. I don't say much, I try to let it all sink in, what this means. It's just so sad. He quit smoking 2 years ago but 50 years of smoking can't be good for your body. What do you say? I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry you have cancer. He was upbeat, saying he will begin chemo next week but now probably won't be able to make it to Amber's wedding in September. I know I will think of what I should say, will say, sometime soon, but right now, it's still sinking in, what this means, how this will change..... life.

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