Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yea, Happy Day Two

I got my camera back from Sony Repair today! It's all fixed, the broken screen replaced completely and the most amazing part to me; it was absolutely FREE! There was no bill, no charge, no questions even though I'm sure they knew it had to be an accident that caused the broken screen! They just fixed it and sent it back, good as new! All it cost me was the $6.00 to send it via UPS. Now that's how things should be.
It's still cold here, still cold and will continue to stay cold. They reported on the news the other night that we've had 42" of show so far this winter! That's already our average for winter. We've also had the coldest weather I can remember for the longest spell I can remember too. What the heck happened to Global Warming?? At least the kids at school got to go out to recess today. They really needed it and so did the teachers!

Stay warm!


Nicole said...

Yay for your camera! Glad it's you can take more photos of these loooong, gray days. Or, you could make a road trip over here to visit me (and the Porters!) and see the 117" of snow we've gotten so far this year. Yeah. It's crazy. Miss you!

Deb said...

117"??? Crazy!! Like I said, what the heck happened to global warming?? We actually went out and bought a snow blower! We've lived here 19 years and never needed one. Guess we're just gettin' old! Miss you too!!