Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Day in Hawaii

One of the few traditions we kept while in Hawaii was having cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast. That's how we started our day. Right after breakfast Andy & Amber headed out for their morning walk on the beach to begin their daily search for Barack Obama. Later in the morning we drove to Lani Kai beach. It was partly cloudy and a bit windy that morning.

While Howard and I stayed on the beach and waited for the sun to come back, Amber, Andy, Tyler and Scott decided to hike up to "the Bunker" on top of the mountain behind us. There they are, walking up.

There's the Bunker on the top of the hill.

Around 3:00 we walked back to the car so we could go back to the house to start Christmas dinner. We walked past this SUV that was parked behind our car and I swear there were Secret Service guys in it. They were fairly conspicuous in their Hawaiian shirts and aviator shades sitting there in a car. Obama was nowhere in site so we just got in the car and headed for home. We were grilling steak, burgers and hot dogs for our Christmas dinner.

Earlier in the day Amber & I had made potato and macaroni salad. Tyler's roommates, Steve and Jeff came over to spend the afternoon. It was nice to finally meet them after hearing about them for so long. Later three of Tyler's other friends, Jake, Nick and Erica, came over for dinner. It was nice to just sit and talk and get to know some of Tyler's friends. I think they enjoyed having a little "family time" too as they were all far away from their families during the holidays. We all sat out by the pool talking until after 9:00 when our guests decided they should get going as they all had to work the next day.

It was definitely not the way we usually spend our Christmas Day but it was one I think we will all remember. Christmas at the beach and Christmas dinner off the grill. Perfect!

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