Monday, January 26, 2009

Hawaii - Day 9

This day started out very rainy on the Winward side of the island. Andy and Amber headed off to the beach anyway because they really wanted to kayak off Kailua. The rest of us stayed around the house either sleeping in or doing laundry. You can guess who was doing what!! Amber called shortly after they left to say it was too rainy in Kailua too so they were heading over to Waikiki. Howard and I had been wanting to find a day to visit Tyler's campus on the Winward side so we decided this was the day! It was a pretty short drive from our rental house to his campus. He led us up the main steps into the building where classes are held. The only other buildings on the campus are for housing. We walked all around inside and Tyler showed us where his classes were held and where the library was. We couldn't resist a trip to the school store where Howard bought a HPU golf shirt and I picked up a tank top for Amber.

Since it was still raining when we left the campus, we decided to head to the mall since we also wanted to buy Tyler a few shirts and other necessities. We stopped for lunch first where Scott and Howard had another steak plate and Tyler and I opted for Chinese Buffet! We shopped around for a couple hours, finding some shirts and board shorts for Tyler and of course Scott had to score a couple of things for himself. We were finished shopping and heading for the car but the rain was still coming down. A quick call to Amber confirmed that it was nice and sunny in Waikiki so we decided to head over there. It absolutely poured on the Pali Highway on our way across the island. When we got to Waikiki the weather was great, not a rain drop in sight. We found Amber and Andy and walked along checking out the shops. We stopped in a sports bar for a quick drink then headed back outside for more shopping. We walked along the beach for a little while and then decided to stop into another bar, on the beach, and wait for the sun to set.

Geez, it sounds like we are lushes, two bars in a couple hours time. After 9 days on the island this was only the 3rd sunset we had seen since we arrived in Hawaii. This one was a very pretty one.

After sunset we were heading back to the car with the intention of going to a Thai restaurant Tyler knew of but instead someone suggested this Mexican/Carribean (strange combo, I know) place we were passing so we went in there for dinner instead and ate out on the patio. When we finished dinner Andy came up with a new game called "guess the name of our waitress". We went all around the table and no one got it. I don't think you could play this game every time you eat out as usually the waitress or waiter tells you their name when they come to your table but it was fun trying to guess.
After dinner we headed back to the house where it was still raining! I guess we were just fortunate that it wasn't raining all over the island, just on one side! I suppose you have to put up with a bit of rain, even in paradise. After all, it is Hawaii's rainy season!

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