Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 6 in Hawaii

This was one of our best days in Hawaii. This was one of the things we all really wanted to do, but especially Howard. We were going out on the catamaran Tyler works on. Tyler was able to work a special deal with the Captain which meant he had to work in the morning so we could go out in the afternoon. Tyler had to be in Honolulu by 8:45 so Howard drove him down there. While Amber, Andy & Scott took their morning walk on the beach in search of Obama, I spent the morning doing a little laundry. After lunch we headed over to Honolulu as we were supposed to head out around 2:00. Once we got out of the harbor Tyler raised the sail and we were off, sailing offshore Waikiki toward Diamondhead.

When we reached Diamondhead we said our final good-bye to my Mother as we spread her ashes into the sea. Howard said a prayer as her ashes floated on the beautiful blue water. She finally made it to Hawaii and will rest for eternity there.

We sailed on a little further until the Captain found a good place for us to snorkel.

Amber and Andy and Scott went right in. Tyler threw some bread into the water and they were immediately surrounded by fish.

Howard went in next and they were all swimming around the boat. I wasn't sure I was going in but Scott kept telling me how amazing it was and how I had to come see it so I finally did.

I did feel a little panicky because the water was so deep and you don't know what's down there! Amber said she saw a turtle but she was the only one who saw it. We only snorkeled for 15 or 20 minutes and then we were headed back to the harbor. On the way we saw some spinaker dolphins.

We were hoping to spot some whales as they had seen some earlier in the day, on the morning sail, but no luck. The dolphins came right up to the boat though.

When we got back to port Tyler had to help clean up the boat so we waited for him in a nearby beach park where we saw our first really pretty Hawaiian sunset.

When Tyler finished we drove back to his apartment so he could shower and then all of us, including Tyler's roommate Steve, went to a nearby Greek restaurant for dinner.

We had a wonderful day on the water all thanks to Tyler. He worked really hard so that we could all enjoy a sail.

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