Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Little Break...

I'm taking a little break from the Hawaii posts. Things were busy this weekend but I'll probably start it up again tomorrow and try to finish up this week. I was busy making myself a Hawaii calendar so I could relive all the memories. Tyler gave me his lap top while we were in Hawaii since he has his desk top computer now so I've been using this one in the kitchen. That way I can cook and read my blogs or fool around with pictures and still be near the stove! Best of both worlds.

It was a snowy weekend and yesterday I didn't even leave the house as it was coming down pretty good.

When Howard shoveled last night it looked like at least 5-6 inches. When we got back last weekend there was hardly any snow on the ground. Now they are predicting more snow tomorrow night and then "we will be plunging into the deep freeze" with high's on Wednesday of 9 and a low of 0. Now that's cold!

Today I was busy in the kitchen, baking bread and making dog food and now I have a nice pot roast in the oven and boy does it smell good. The bread turned out well this time. You just never know.

Last night I made pizza and think I have finally figured out how to get it in the oven without a big mess. The secret is parchment paper. It was very tasty and look how good it looks.

Now, no post would be complete without pics of the pups. These are for you Amber and Anoki, Tyler too!
Look at this sweet little face! He looks so innocent, doesn't he?

Yes, the sun came out for about 3 minutes today, just 3. I happened to have the camera handy when it did.

Have a great week everyone and check back for more Hawaii posts!


Anaki said...

hey, it's ANAKI not Anoki!

Deb said...

Oops! Sorry Anaki! My bad!

Anonymous said...

Warning! Impostor commenters are spamming your blog! Beware of false Anakis!