Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ain't No Sunshine...

Must be Michigan! When you hear that familiar "beep, beep, beep" and see the red banner at the bottom of the TV screen, you know something's up. We are having a "winter storm warning" here in lovely Michigan. This is what we looked at all day.

I ran a quick errand when it was just beginning to snow and by the time I came home the neighborhood roads were slick. I came to a corner going only about 15-20 mph and instead of curving around the corner, I went straight! Thankfully I only slid a short distance before the brakes caught. I had to back up to make the turn but I made it home.
I made it back from California with no problems. It was a miserable plane ride; crying babies, rude row-mates, but only 4-1/2 hours and it was over. It felt nice to sleep in my own bed again and I missed my guys and my fur kids. They were happy to see me but I was old news in no time. Apparently they were well taken care of in my absence.

People who live in California take so many things for granted. While it got chilly there at night and even some days were cool enough to wear a sweater, the beauty of California can't be beat.

These beautiful roses are growing in Ingrid's back yard.

This is a beautiful, tall Hibiscus bush.

And these beauties grow right in her back yard too! You just got out and pick one in the morning...

And then you have these for breakfast!

On the downside, you might run in to these guys in some sections. Thankfully not near where Ingrid lives. These guys were only one of several "teams" I saw as I drove through "Compton".

And I even managed to see one beautiful sunset.

And some long, lost relatives...

But it's always good to come back home again, if only for a few weeks! Because in just 3 short weeks we are on our way to HAWAII!!!!! WooooooHooooooo!

Some of us are not as happy as others about that news...

But not to worry; they'll be well taken care of by their favorite "house sitter and dog spoiler".
Have a good week!!

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