Monday, November 24, 2008

At Least It's Warm Here...

Yep, warm though not hot. I arrived in Cali on Thursday afternoon. Sadly, after a long battle with cancer, my Dad passed away on Wednesday, November 19. I received the call while at school and went home that night and made arrangements to fly to California the next day. Ingrid had already handled probably the most difficult part (thanks to a friend of my Dad's who helped her make the arrangements), which was the decisions at the Mortuary. My Dad wanted to be cremated so that's what will be done.

I'm just trying to keep Ingrid company while she starts going through this process. At this point there's not much else to do. Of course she's not ready to dispose of anything or reorganize or anything like that so most of our time is just spent sitting with her reminiscing about their lives or her life as a child. Let's just say she needs to talk. I'm just trying to make sure she eats and gets some rest. Sounds simple, I know, but she does have a mind of her own and she's not afraid to use it!

Amber and Andy moved into their new place last weekend. I know they are going to love having a place to call their own and to decorate the way they choose. The floors and counter tops are in so that will feel fresh and new for them. I can't wait to take a road trip sometime soon and see it!

Tyler is busy finishing up his semester. It will be over in just a couple weeks and I told him he really should start cleaning now for our visit next month!! That's right, less than a month away now. We will all be headed for a warmer climate and 10 fabulous days in Hawaii!! Tyler said he hoped the weather then won't be like it has been the past few days. I guess there was some type of depression hanging over the islands and all it did was rain for 3 days! Yea, I'm hoping that doesn't happen too.

Howard and Scott are holding the fort down in Michigan and taking care of my little fur kids. Howard tells me he's not spoiling them like I do but that they are alive and well. I know they will survive. I do feel bad about leaving them all by themselves for Thanksgiving but I know they will survive that too. Howard will attempt to cook his first turkey breast!

This morning when I spoke to Howard he said he had just come in from shovelling the driveway! Snow, already! Compared to Michigan it is absolutely gorgeous here. In the evening you can sit outside in just a light sweater or sweatshirt. The best part of all though is seeing the sun. Every day. Warm and sunny, together. Not gray, just sunny. It really makes me think about packing up and moving somewhere warmer! And somewhere sunnier, let's not forget that!

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