Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Still Fall, Really It Is...

But you would never know it from the weather we've had this past week and weekend. We hadn't seen the sun in days and even though it was under 20 degrees for a high today, we finally saw the sun! Obviously it was freezing but seeing the sun makes it feel, if only in the mind, so much warmer! These pictures were taken yesterday when it was snowy and oh so cold! And this is what things look like when the sun finally comes back out! These are also the first pictures that I took with my brand new camera!! That's right, it arrived last week. My old camera (which I loved dearly and hated to part with) just wasn't working right and I wanted to be sure we had a good camera to capture all those Christmas memories we are about to make, so I got us a new camera. So far it's pretty nice. It has some tricks that my old one didn't. This trick I find particularly amazing. Notice this picture of Howard, quite serious. Then you just view the picture in the "smile" setting and it automatically makes the person appear to be smiling! Amazing! I'm still learning but I snapped a few good pictures. Of course this blog wouldn't be complete without some pup pics. It was so cold this weekend that once when Zoe went outside to do her business, she just layed down. Her feet were so cold she didn't want to walk. Most of the time they were inside, doing this. Charlie was watching squirrels. So was Zoe. We bowled Friday night and even though we only had 3 bowlers, we took 3 points, 2 games and totals. It felt good! On Saturday, since the weather was so nasty, I spent the day working on the annual Christmas letter and then getting the Christmas cards ready to go. I also did a little internet shopping for the few, and I mean very few, gifts we are actually buying this year. I have to say, it feels good not to worry about decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking, etc.! It's very liberating and so stress free! I had thought I might put up one of our smaller trees but now I'm thinking I won't. Why bother really? No one is going to see it except us so why go through the hassle? The only real shopping I have had to go out and do, I did today. I have talked 3 other girls at work into going in on a gift with me for a needy family at school. The Mom of the family really wanted a vacuum cleaner and even said she would forgo all her other gifts if she could just get a vacuum. I admire someone who wants to have a clean house so we bought her a beautiful Bissell vacuum. Not only was it on sale, I also had a 15% off coupon! Only two more weeks of work until Christmas vacation. The time has really flown by! Here's a fun little movie for your viewing enjoyment (it's only 2 minutes long, and cute!)

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