Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lazy Days of Summer...

Well, pretty lazy anyway. We have had some really hot and stormy weather this past week. The kind of heat and humidity where you really just want to stay in the air conditioned house. Then Friday night we had a big storm, complete with a tornado just north of us, and finally today it has cooled down enough to open the windows again and enjoy being outside on the deck with a book, which is exactly what I did this afternoon! Zoe and I also made a quick trip up to the high school field for a game of frisbee.
I have spent much of the last week on the phone trying to close out some of my Mother's accounts and furnish the necessary paperwork to help with that process. I also visited my friends up at school to see how their classrooms will look this year and who they have in their classes. It will seem odd not to be going back to that this year though I'm sure I will go in and visit often. I know I just won't be able to stay away completely.
I also finally worked up the nerve on Friday to call about my "new job". I waited for two weeks for the Practice Manager to call but when he didn't, I finally decided I should call him. When I called the office I spoke briefly to the receptionist and then she asked if I could hold. I waited for the Practice Manager to come on the line but instead I was suddenly talking to the Dr.! Then I got the bad news! The Manager had been fired and the Dr. didn't have my number so he couldn't call me. Then I got a little good news. He still would like me to work there but wants me to wait a few more weeks until closer to the time they will move into their new office. He said he would understand if I didn't want to wait that long and needed to find another job. I told him I really wanted this job and would be willing to wait. Since I'm going to need some time off in a couple weeks anyway, for the wedding, I might as well wait until after that to start the job anyway. So I just got an extension on summer and still have a couple weeks to finish up all those projects I wanted to get to!
Hard to believe in 3 weeks Amber will be married and officially a Porter! She is still waiting for her dress to come in and it should be this week. She's also meeting with some of the vendors to wrap up the last minute details. We have all the RSVP's in and the numbers are pretty much what we expected them to be, right at about 100 guests. Exciting times!!
Tyler has moved into his new apartment and just finished up his summer semester. He thinks he did pretty well and is hoping for an A in the class! He has a week off until school begins again after Labor Day. He also started a job last week so he will be bringing in a little pocket money which will help him in the times between loan payments! We are really looking forward to seeing him in a few weeks as it's been 8 long months since we've seen him!
Scott is also getting ready to start back to school after Labor Day. He's working 2 days a week at Mr. B's now and making pretty good money.
I spoke to my Dad and Ingrid yesterday and got an update on his condition. He's been receiving treatment to boost his red blood cells so that he can have another chemo treatment. If all goes well he's supposed to have his 3rd treatment tomorrow. He has had a few fainting spells and they don't seem to know why. He has two small fractures in his back from one of his falls. I just try to keep up with what they are doing and wait to find out when or if they want me to come out to visit.
In the last week I have noticed a great deal more activity at my hummingbird feeder. They are quick little boogers and I have been challenging myself to get some good pictures of them. It's funny how I can stand outside on the deck near the feeder and they just look at me and go on drinking but if I'm inside the kitchen, behind a window with the camera, they get all nervous and don't want to stay around long. Sometimes I can barely get the camera up and focused before they take off again. I've also noticed how the yellow jackets chase the hummingbirds away from the feeder. They don't like to share and surprisingly the hummingbirds seem to be afraid of the yellow jackets. If it's not the yellow jackets chasing them away it's another more aggressive hummingbird. I've also noticed from standing near the feeder out on the deck that they actually make a little chirping noise. They are quite the fascinating creature! I was able to get a few really good pictures.

It's hard to believe that next weekend will be Labor Day Weekend. Where did the summer go? Can it possibly be so close to Fall? I'm going to enjoy this coming week and try to get outside as much as possible!

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