Thursday, August 16, 2007

Amazing Camera & Things In The Yard...

Isn't this an amazing picture of the moon? I was out in my front yard and I'm sure after many flashes, the neighbors were peeking through their blinds wondering what in the heck I was doing! I promise, it's not enhanced in any way. Just taken with my camera on the strongest zoom possible. I took it last month during the full moon. I really didn't think I would have much luck. I guess I should mention I probably took 100 pictures in 10 different settings and really only got about 10 good pictures but this was one of the best! The hardest part was holding the camera still enough to get it right!!

One day I was out on the deck and heard this screeching sound. I could have sworn it was an eagle I heard but after taking this picture and looking at it on the computer I had to admit it was just a hawk but still an amazing picture. He was way across the pond and the zoom brought him nice and close!

The only other amazing picture was the dragon fly. I was in the backyard, probably 20 feet away from this dragon fly, when I snapped the picture. Looks like you could just reach out and touch him!!

Did I mention my flowers are doing well this summer? As long as I remember to water them that is!! This is one of the prettiest window boxes I've planted, I think.

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Amber said...

wow, that is an AWESOME picture of the moon! nice!