Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nice Weekend, Beautiful Weather, New Beginnings...

Well, another summer has officially come to a close and we celebrated it's end at the McGinnis' pool which was really nice. The weather was gorgeous and we just spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the sun and the pool.
Today is the first day of school here in Michigan. But not for me. It does feel odd not to have that "first day of school" excitement and prepartion. Scott has one class but not until tonight but we are going out to lunch to celebrate the beginning of a new school year and a new commitment to get all A's!! We can at least strive, can't we? He's signed up for 3 classes but is going to add another today. Tyler begins his classes today also after having a well-deserved week off, most of which he worked! He's got a pretty full schedule with classes 5 days a week. Although now that he has gotten his surfboard back I'm sure he'll find a little time to squeeze that in too.
Amber is coming down to the wire with all her preparations. Things are going smoothly right now. The dress is in, she's had the fitting and only minor alterations are needed, thank goodness. Hair and nail appointments are made! Hotel reservations all set. I finally found some shoes to go with my beautiful dress! Friends and family are getting excited too and we are all counting down! Only 11 days to go!! Wow, that really makes it sound close!
Eventhough summer supposedly ends after Labor Day we still have nice weather here and we plan to enjoy it as long as we can. I heard on the weather today that by the end of the week it will be near 90! Since winter is long and miserable here, we plan to enjoy what's left of "summer"!

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