Friday, August 10, 2007

Bunco Girls Weekend II

I'm headed up north in a bit for another Bunco Girls Weekend at Pam's house. We have several things on the agenda but we are leaving it open for now until we all get together later tonight. Some want to go wine tasting, some to the beach, some out to eat. Guess we'll see.
I got a call from the vet's office this morning. I was scheduled to begin work Monday morning but guess there's been a slight change of plans. They are building a new "state of the art" facility across the street from the present location and have been advised by their accountant to hold off for a couple weeks on any hiring. So, while I still have the job I won't be starting for another couple weeks, which is really fine with me. I have plenty to do around here to keep myself busy. Plus another couple weeks to enjoy summer.
Scott's headed up north too for a week at his friend's Brian's house. He and 3 other guys drove up this morning and will stay until Thursday. This is his only real vacation as he starts school in a few weeks again.
Amber's headed to Chicago tonight for her "girls weekend". Amber's bridesmaids, maid of honor and a couple other close friends will be living it up but staying out of trouble, I'm sure!
Tyler has moved into a new apartment with 3 friends. He says it's much bigger and even cheaper than his old place. He's still attending summer school and doing well. He's hoping to make it into the Marine Biology Honors Program if he can keep his grades up. So far, so good.
Howard and Zoe will be enjoying all the peace and quiet of being home together for the weekend.

Taken in my backyard

Taken from the deck down into the pond
Have a safe and great weekend everyone!

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